Two new models for Kawasaki: hybrid and electric

kawasaki elettrica ibrida

Technology and innovation to the nth degree, in full Japanese style: Kawasaki is keeping up with the times, in fact, making giant strides towards new types of engines, for the ecological mobility of the future. In fact, the House has recently revealed some impressive news: it will soon be creating two new creatures, one hybrid and one electric.

That’s not all, because in reality the official statement from Kawasaki Motors speaks of the intentions of the house for the coming years: the Japanese brand known throughout the world is planning world market launch of up to 16 new two-wheeler models with internal combustion engines each year, plus another 10 electric and hybrid models by 2025. The program is certainly very ambitious, we know, but Kawasaki, in its perfect style, does not stop. and at the Eight Hours of Suzuka, which took place on August 6 and 7 (endurance motorcycle competition that takes place every year at the Suzuka circuit in Japan, where each team has three alternate riders) they talked about what what they have in mind for the future.

What’s new from Kawasaki: zero and low emission engines

At a time when we are only talking about ecological transition and sustainable mobility (in addition to expensive gasoline, a “hot” topic that is harming Italian families a lot), the possibility of also having motorcycle models in the future with zero or low emissions tempt many.

Lovers of noise and “real” engines do not like it, but there are those who do not disdain any new hybrid and electric model at all. And, in this scenario, there is talk of Kawasaki. In fact, the company has announced that it will soon produce its new two wheels, one 100% electric and the other hybrid, and it means it: in fact, absolutely new prototypes have already raced on the Japanese trackon the occasion of the Eight Hours of Suzuka.

At the moment the brand has not yet released official information about its new creatures for the future, but clearly there are several rumors circulating on the web; enthusiasts and industry experts begin to expose their hypotheses. As for the hybrid engine, we can define it more revolutionarygiven that the two-wheel sector has so far made only 100% electric vehicles, without focusing on hybrid propulsion, in fact.

The new engines: the first hypotheses

First hybrid variant of the Kawasaki bike could be fitted with a 650 cm³ parallel twin coupled to an electric motor. Nobody dares, for now, to declare if the latter will work as an alternative to the internal combustion engine or if, on the contrary, it will help it to push the vehicle, a much more likely option, especially in particular conditions such as acceleration.

the electric vehicle prototype instead, it could be equipped with a “traditional” electric motor, the kind we’re already used to seeing. Some people imagine a Ninja-inspired nude, with different aesthetic and technical changes. However, it seems that today the company is already well ahead in the development of its new electric and hybrid motorcycles, having already shown the prototypes to the public, it is very likely that they will soon go into production. Kawasaki has not yet put an emphasis on this. We’ll see if after the summer, on the occasion of the first parades, the House lets something else slip.

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