Totti Blasi, the truth about dinner with Noemi Bocchi comes to light, “Yes, it’s true…”

Months later, the truth of the famous Totti-Blasi-Bocchi dinner emerges: this is what happened that evening.

Was it dinner? After the announcement of the separation between Totti and Ilary Blasi, shocking truths are emerging about the relationship between the two in recent months. Scandals and dramas never cease to surface for the former couple, and the two have to deal with long-hidden secrets.

The last of the revelations refers a dinner held last fall where all three were present the protagonists of the story that is driving gossip crazy. Francesco Totti, Ilary Blasi and Noemi Bocchi were seen at the same dinner, in the same place. Obviously, the thing had happened in secret at the time, when there was no hint of a crisis, but now, in light of the new facts, it is back in the spotlight.

gossip accuses the former footballer having gone to dinner with his wife and lover, in front of everyone, without a hint of shame. At that time there was no talk of a possible breakup: the “fear” arrived just before the summer, and Totti and Ilary Blasi had denied with all their might of a possible crisis between them. Were they trying to salvage even the last of their hopes? We will probably never know, but in the end, as we know, the crisis blew up in the worst way.

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Now it seems that Totti’s new story is much more than just an adventure: he and Noemi Bocchi would already be living together. The new apartment would be located in Cortina d’Ampezzo, away from Rome and all the media hype. But the news is already old, now we only talk about the dinner of shame. But what really happened?

Totti and Blasi, the truth behind dinner with Noemi Bocchi

What is hidden behind the dinner where the three were present? Did Francesco Totti really participate in an event knowing that he was with both his wife and his mistress? While the hypotheses are persecuted, Alex Nuccetelli arrives to clarify what happened.

The man, a friend of the former soccer player, has decided to silence the rumors and reveal the whole truth about the dinner. In fact, he was the organizer of the evening, so he knows what happened that night and why the three of them met at the same event.

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Well, from Nuccetelli’s words it seems that the “trio” met there by chance. “Yes, it is true that Totti, Ilary and Noemí were there before” explained the organizer. “My evenings are so much fun. In that club I did 5 afternoons, Noemi 5 and Francesco only 1″. Just one case, then; a twist of fate.

Perhaps Totti and Noemí and Bocchi were already dating, or perhaps they just knew each other; the fact is that his presence on the same night was completely coincidental. On the other hand, the two of them had been attending the same nightlife and the same people for some time, so there would be nothing strange. “He doesn’t want to create family upheavals. Francesco is a very attentive person to these things, believe me.Nuccetelli concludes.

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