Three men and an algorithm: those 100 million in cryptocurrencies “disappeared” between Veneto and Dubai

“I received death and kidnapping threats… I went to report it to the postal police… Cristiano? We had lived together for about a year in Dubai, but I returned to Italy on June 25. … no, I did not work with him … I do not know what he did … people call me thinking I know something … in Dubai I had a beautiful car and a beautiful boat … now I am in my rented house with my old car… he asks me if we are still together? But would you be with someone who has ruined your life?’ The, Christian VisentiniHe had left his little white house in san fior (Treviso), Venetian town perched on the Prosecco hills, to fly to Dubai, room 409, fourth floor of the park towers, skyscraper with gym, swimming pool, barbecue areas and tennis court. And there, together with the partners, the Roman lawyer Emmanuel Guillini Y Mauro Rizzatobetween a dip and a barbecue he manages the business of new financial technology (Nft).

What business? Investing in cryptocurrencies the money (around 100 million, it is said) that they have received from thousands of people (not only from Veneto) seduced by promises of monthly returns at 10% thanks to the use of a magical algorithm that monetizes the differences in the price of bitcoin between the different platforms.
She was the escort (“but don’t write my name”). What happened? That at a certain point the castle (or the pyramid) did not hold: customers have been informed that the July coupon will not be paidtheeither. And little by little all the anomalies and suspicions about the destination of the money raised began to emerge. Inverted or missing? The two directions are not necessarily alternatives, especially when going all-in on cryptocurrencies. How unstable this market is is shown by the case of the German crypto bank Nuri(500,000 customers), which has just started the bankruptcy process, and the record loss in the second quarter (1,100 million) of base of coins,the number one platform in the US for cryptocurrency exchange.

One of the three partners of the NFT, the lawyer Giullini, between interviews and video calls (from Dubai?) tries to reassure the roaring square (more than 800 subscribers in the very hot chat) TelegramThe new financial technology scammers»). cheated? The Guardia di Finanza has the file in hand. Meanwhile, the first individual complaints have already begun. And also the crusaders between the partners (Giullini against Visentini). But this is a story where there are no innocents, just various “degrees” of savings murder: willful, negligent, unintentional. Is he a betrayed saver or a punished speculator who delivers his money to subjects who guarantee 10% monthly? It should be noted that we are deep in the Veneto of the colossal collapses of Popolare Vicenza and Veneto Banca. There will be those who have recklessly trusted friends and family (the network of agents has done the work of collecting) and those who have recycled the “black”.

Then there are them, the pipers from Dubai with the magic algorithm. We went to see the financial statements of the key company, the new financial technology of London (34% Visentin, 33% Rizzato and 33% Giullini): turnover as a beach bar in the desert, negative capital of 3,000 pounds. A soap bubble. Verification time: 30 seconds. Until 2020 the ownership was of a certain Mario Danese who remained on the board until May 2022. The «Trestone Investment» in Dubai with the partners of Visentin and Giullini is one more piece of the corporate architecture, such as Stockholm’s “Nft Digital Trust Kb” for the self-styled “bank/custody service” or the (still active) site nftcoindao or even the Italian “New Financial Technology Consultancy” which belongs only to Giullini and offers training courses. Or rather “it would work” because then the budgets do not exist and the assets have the consistency of a Milan-Dubai one-way plane ticket (in business).

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