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Sta per scoppiare la bolla dell

Is the autism bubble about to burst?

Fascinating, truly fascinating, the Ferragosto rally is served here as an almanac!

Almanacs, new almanacs; new mole. Do we need almanacs, sir?

Almanacs for the new year?

Yes sir.

Do you think he will be happy this new year?

Oh illustrious yes, of course.

How was this last year?

More more much… More more, more illustrious.

Magico Leopardi, which explores the fundamental role of reason, as a means of redemption through conscious but dignified suffering.

Possible surprise in mid-August, at least our Puntosella suggests, a few more days of negativity and then perhaps a small rally in the stock markets.

That’s how we wrote on July 27, many of you wrote to us not considering a rebound possible, but that’s how markets work today. Someone collects your savings and the bank manager plays with your money.

No matter what happens around you, the real economy may collapse, you may lose your house or your job, but they continue to play with your money.

Yesterday in the United States, the fifth consecutive month that initial unemployment benefits have risen since April, reaching their highest level since November of last year…



Obviously, the US economy has created over 500,000 jobs, the rest is just garnish!

The interesting thing is that while playing with your money and inflation, for the first time in 2 years, producer prices are falling instead of rising…


Think about it, it has not happened since April 2020, the key month of the pandemic.

Producer prices for final consumer goods fell 1.8% in July, which is really good. Of course, there is a lot to attribute to energy prices falling 9.0% in July, about 80% of the drop is there.

Excluding food and energy, producer prices increased 0.2% in July.

Yields have obviously risen because the Fed is concerned that inflation will die out too quickly. There are those who say that it is the fault of the 30-year auction and of course, when the auction is needed she is the main suspect, most of the time, even children know that auctions do not affect prices and returns in any way. . .

However, the beauty is how finances work, they command, manage, fraud and manipulation is their essence, their reason for being.

I leave you with a magnificent piece, an incredible Agamben, while in Italy we talk about politics, maybe even programs, as if ours were a sovereign country…

This means, in other words, that financial capitalism -and the banks that are its main organ- work by playing with the credit -that is, with the faith- of men.
But this also means that Walter Benjamin’s hypothesis, according to which capitalism is indeed a religion and the fiercest and most ruthless that has ever existed, because it knows no redemption or truce, must be taken at face value. The Bank -with its gray officials and experts- has taken the place of the Church and its priests and, by governing credit, manipulates and manages the faith -the scarce, uncertain trust- that our time still has in itself.

And he does it in the most irresponsible and unscrupulous way, trying to make money from the trust and hopes of human beings, establishing the credit that everyone can enjoy and the price that they have to pay for it (even the credit of the States, which have meekly abdicated their sovereignty). Thus, by governing credit, he governs not only the world, but also the future of men, a future that the crisis is getting shorter and shorter.

And if politics no longer seems possible today, it is because financial power has in fact seized all faith and all future, all time and all expectations.
As long as this situation lasts, as long as our secular society continues to be subordinated to the darkest and most irrational of religions, it will be good for everyone to recover their credit and their future from the hands of these shady, pseudo-priests, bankers, professors and discredited officials. of the various rating agencies.


Come on, don’t take it, that’s how it works, resign yourself, you also have a few crumbs left, politics no longer exists, finances dominate, in a few weeks Uncle Spread may return and then it will be fun!

Happy Ferragosto, it will be a roast autumn!

Along with our Machiavelli and his manuscripts, we will continue to look beyond, with the kinematics of our Puntosella, with graphics, analysis and empirical evidence that have always supported our work.

Over the weekend, the new Machiavelli was released, entitled “BEYOND PARITY” for all those who have contributed or will want to contribute to our journey.

The manuscripts from the beginning of the year have been a perfect compass after a period of crisis, but as always the truth is the daughter of time.

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