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Hurry up to pay the seal, if you don’t pay it you run the risk of having your car taken from your house, always pay it before the deadline.

car tax
Road tax –

the Stamp and the property taxthat you have to pay if you have a medium East tribute it is regionalhence his calculationvaries depending on the region Where is it we register the vehicle. One thing you should always keep in mind, the term this tax, if you don’t pay it on time you risk a lot. the risk It’s of to be removed the car, but after how much? Here, now let’s try to explain it, and also see all the phases ourselves. we do not pay on time the Stamp of the car.

What happens when we don’t pay the stamp?

Everyone has to pay Stamp oneself own self a Motor vehicle, except for who has benefits of law 104they have theexemption. There seal expiration it is half-year either annualand always falls in the months of April, August Y December. There humiliation however it tells us that Yes, you can pay within a month.from the term oftaxas well as in the case that we register the vehiclewe have 30 days to get into rule. Now let’s dive into the part of non-paymentAs the law punish this is ours lack of duty.

Fines to pay
Always pay stamp duty on time, otherwise interest rates will go up

There first blackberry he comes after 15 days from the breachwhere we will be confirmed 0.1% fine on the taxby every day of Late payment. Exceeded 30 days and yes, it is in a term of 90 daysthe interests reach1.67%. I passed three months and we arrive at one year of non-payment of the stampL’default interest reach 3.74%. the year passedthe region will send us one fine of 30% of the tax to payplus default interest of 0.5%that We calculate for each semester late.

When the situation is really bad

Everything we have seen applies to the first three yearsafter three years and one day if you risk a lot. There region the first send an evaluation to do pay stampafter send to a tax notice. To send the folder if they have 60 daysby pay for itafter which there will be medium radiation. the half will be removed from the Public Registry of Carswhich means the car will no longer be able to drive on the road. if we are going to come caught with a medium, with the stamp duty expired three years agowill be attorney.

take car
After three years of not paying the stamp, the scenario that you are going to find is this

now that you know everything you riskdo the math if it’s better to pay after the the stamp expires of the car. East tax yes you can pay in many ways, with the newsletter, we can pay at the post office, at tobacconists, and also at the Aci. the the service is now also onlinethen you can pay directly from homein very little time. the cost changes based on displacement of your car, the larger it is, the more the cost will increase. You thought you can already know how much you are going to paygoing place ofTax agencyY entering the data of the car, it will come to you calculated the cost.

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