Rugs, mats and floors IKEA 2022: 6 new proposals

IKEA tappeti, zerbini e pavimenti 2022: 6 nuove proposte

Rugs are an essential piece of furniture to give life to rooms. Mats and floors are also of the utmost importance. Let’s see the new IKEA proposals in this sense and dedicated to all the rooms of our home.

Rugs, mats and floors IKEA 2022: 6 new proposals

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IKEA is the chain of furniture stores present throughout the world. The Swedish giant deals not only with furniture but also with everything related to our homes, almost in 360 degrees. Very famous and loved by collectors, it turns out to be your catalog However, in recent years, it is no longer printed but only digitally. A choice, that of the chain, useful to limit the impact on the environment. Many novelties stand out from the catalog proposed by the company for 2022.

Not only beds, cabinets, kitchens, IKEA also deals with textiles to furnish the rooms and make them as comfortable as possible. Among the textiles capable of furnishing with efficiency above all, The rugs stand out. A solution to make your floors cozyi, being able to rest your feet in comfortable and soft areas. The pile of the carpets allows to absorb sounds and give warmth. A surface that lends itself not only to being stepped on but also inhabited. Think of children’s bedrooms where rugs are essential to create play areas. These are safe surfaces to lie down on to explore the world.

They are perfect for adding a more elegant or lively touch to your interior. In addition, by models, colors and sizes, IKEA rugs can be tailored to whatever you want. Whether floral, simple, or more modern, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Every year, the collection proposed by the Swedish giant for carpets and floors is enriched with new and unique pieces, all characterized by their easy maintenance. so let’s go in 6 unique proposals.

Rugs, mats and floors IKEA 2022: 6 new proposals

1. VEJSTRUP low-pile carpet

Rugs, mats and floors IKEA 2022: 6 new proposals

The VEJSTRUP low-pile rug It was created by English fabric designer Hannah Wilcox. Their the colors are neutral and are meant to relax the viewer’s eye. This also happens thanks to its abstract geometric pattern. The dimensions are 80 x 150 cm and the cost is just under 20 euros.

The rug is made of synthetic fibers. very easy to clean and durable over time, perfect for this rug in neutral and relaxing colours, with a fun abstract motif that catches the eye. One of its most interesting characteristics lies in its great resistance to stains. The latter can be removed very quickly and easily with a damp cloth.

2. Pillemark Doormat

Rugs, mats and floors IKEA 2022: 6 new proposals

Never like in this period, the rainbow is a symbol we need. With the expansion of the Covid-19 pandemic, the rainbow has begun to become the symbol of rebirth and escape from confinement tunnels. For this, IKEA has in its catalog the rainbow-shaped doormat. a true symbol of hope for a better tomorrow!

One way to give a touch of color to your homeeven on gray rainy days. The mat is made of coconut fiber and is therefore resistant and non-slip. Jóna Berglind Stefánsdóttir designed it. The price is just under 10 euros.

3. Hemmahos Bedroom Rug

Rugs, mats and floors IKEA 2022: 6 new proposals

Do you remember the game of the Bell? With this mat your children will be able to play safely jumping on it. Hemmahos, in fact, is the perfect low-pile rug for the bedroom. It has a gray background and the bell game is drawn on it.

A game suitable for young and old who can develop coordination. The dimensions are 100 x 160 cm while the price is 25 euros. The designer is Malin Unborn. Like all IKEA rugs, Hemmahos is also easy to maintain and is tested for safe use by little ones.

4. Indo Agra Living Room Floral Rug

Rugs, mats and floors IKEA 2022: 6 new proposals

Not only synthetic rugs, at IKEA you can also find unique rugs, like works of art. is the case of Indo Agra Floral, a hand-knotted wool rug with a floral print. Its dimensions are 170 x 240 cm and, given its uniqueness, the price is greater than or equal to just under 800 euros. The maintenance also changes, since it is a carpet that cannot be washed with water.

5. Gracios colored rug

Rugs, mats and floors IKEA 2022: 6 new proposals

Among the novelties of the 2022 catalog stands out the Thank you rug characterized by pastel colors and rounded graphics. The dimensions are 133 x 160 cm and, for a few days, it is subject to a promotional discount: instead of 40 euros it can be purchased at 27% less or 30 euros.

The peculiarity is that it can also be combined with coordinated textiles. Also in this case it is a short-pile rug, easy to clean even with a simple stroke of a vacuum cleaner. The designer who did it is called Jennifer Idrizi.

6. IKEA MALLSTEN flooring

Rugs, mats and floors IKEA 2022: 6 new proposals

Ideal for covering terraces, Mallsten is a modular tile floor that, for reasons and colors, will catapult you to the Mediterranean towns bathed by the sea. Each tile measures 0.81 square meters. There are 9 in a pack. Each one is priced at less than 25 euros. The right opportunity to redo the look of your environment !!

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Which of these IKEA novelties did you like the most? We are sure you will find the perfect one for you. If you have found this article useful, before you go shopping, recommend it to a friend.

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