Royal Family Drama, A Secret Daughter Emerges: Destroyed Family, “Everything Came Down”

Royal Family

New scare for the Royal Family: the shadow of a secret daughter appears that no one was aware of. This is what happened

Queen Elizabeth just can’t rest easy: The Royal Family is once again the center of the news for a scandal that could destroy family ties and perhaps break them forever. In fact, the name of a secret daughter appeared that no one knew.

Royal family

Someone in the family was held a secret that has come to light just these days. The latest dramas were not enough, including the bad prince story, to the chagrin of Buckingham Palace: something new comes out every day. Elizabeth is now tired and has been rumored for some time. a possible abandonment of the throne. Carlo and Camilla would be the first heirs, but for now the queen has not yet made a decision.

The reign of Queen Elizabeth began in 1952: the jubilee for the 70th anniversary of the reign was celebrated in early June. At 96, the queen is more determined than ever to handle the situationbut it is likely that all the scandals that are affecting the family tire her even more.

After losing her husband Filippo, the queen suffered a severe blow. She and the Duke of Edinburgh met in 1934. The two became officially engaged in July 1947 and married in November of the same year. The duke, in order to marry Elizabeth, converted from Orthodox Christianity to Anglicanism. The title of Duke of Edinburgh was given to him shortly before his marriage; he formerly he was recognized as prince of Greece and Denmark. His eldest child, Prince Charles, was born a year later, in 1948.

Royal family

Royal family, the secret daughter

It is one big scoop what has come up in the last few days. Does anyone in the Royal Family have one? secret daughter he did not mention the others. But what really happened and who did it?

The couple in question is Harry and Megan. According to British newspapers, the woman would have a secret daughter, and even her husband did not know. Before marrying into royalty, Meghan Markle was married to Trevor Engelson, a film producer whom she met after rising to fame with Suits. In 2013 they divorced and while they were together I have tried several times to have a child.unsuccessfully.

So the two of them decided adopt a daughter relying on Meghan’s mother, a social worker, to handle the paperwork. The couple found a girl, but due to the divorce, the adoption was unsuccessful. Meghan continued to maintain contact with the littledespite being adopted by another family.

Royal family

“Meeghan often went to visit the girl with Doria (her mother, ed) and he desperately wanted to adopt her before starting a family of their own. But everything fell apart when he got the part in Suits and moved to Canada and split with Trevor,” says a source.

Prince Harry has just discovered the truth and it is not known how he took it. The couple could be in crisis Or will the prince accept this “little” secret from Meghan?

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