Roberto Farnesi: “With her until the end”. His words after the grave duel

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Last July 18 Roberto Farnese We suffer a painful duel, one of the most difficult to metabolize in the life of each one of us. The actor has in fact said goodbye to his beloved. mother Maria Angela and, after a few weeks, he wanted to remember it with a few simple words. “She knew that she would really blame the loss on her” her grief, partially eased by the love and care of her and my daughter’s family.

Roberto Farnesi remembers mother María Ángela: “United with her in a special way”

It has not been a happy summer for Robert Farnese, blockbuster actor and featured face of the hit TV series Rai1 ladies’ paradise. A painful grief deeply marked the course of his life a few weeks ago, on July 18, when he had to say goodbye to his beloved mother María Ángela. A difficult loss to metabolize and that deprived him of one of the most important figures in his life.

After a brief silence, Roberto Farnesi spoke about this open heart duel in an interview with the weekly New: “Losing a father is a huge pain, but now I’m back at work and life goes on.” Alleviating pain is the presence in your life of the my daughter, born last November as a result of his relationship with his girlfriend Lucya Belcastro: “It gives me the strength to keep going: it’s pure energy, it’s new life, it’s my masterpiece. Since it was born, it has revolutionized my existence and even now makes me smile“.

The actor greeted mother María Ángela for the last time with a veil of serenity, since the woman had time to meet her granddaughter before her death: “That is precisely why she left me alone. We had a very close relationship and Mom knew how much I bonded with her in a special way. Just as she knew that I would really blame the loss on her: she cared for me to the end. She consoles me with the fact that we four children have been with her, until the lastin his house, just as he wanted.

Roberto Farnesi: love for the family and success on TV

Roberto Farnesein this period of pain, you can count onfamily love, his partner Lucya Belcastro and their daughter Mia. The baby’s birth occurred in November 2021 and brought light and joy to the actor’s life. Become dad for the first time At 52, Farnesi discovered the beauty of fatherhood by sharing social snapshots in the company of his two wives, like Mia’s tender first bath immortalized in a shot posted on Instagram.

In the professional sphere, however, the television success of the Rai1 series continues ladies’ paradise, which will return in the coming months with the seventh season. Numerous advances on what we will see, from the new entries in the cast to a supposed new location in the soap opera. The role of Roberto Farnesi is highly confirmed: his Umberto Guarnieri remains a fixed point of the plots, his presence is confirmed and there will be big twists.

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