Rai-Sky agreement: what changes for subscribers

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Darling continues to open up to other platforms, integrating the offer of other networks into its decoder Sky Q: after the agreement with DAZN in recent days, now it’s up to the Rai which takes the form of the ability to use the RaiPlay on Sky Q. This means, in practice, that on Sky Q it is now possible to watch on demand a lot of bonus content.

RaiPlay, in fact, is Rai’s streaming platform that allows access to thousands and thousands of movies and fiction produced by Rai (and not only). As when accessing RaiPlay from other devices, it is also required on Sky Q logging in (free) to the Rai platform to get full access to the contents. With the arrival of RaiPlay on Sky Q, the Sky offer becomes even more complete, since the apps of Disney+, Discovery+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple+, Mediaset Play and, for a few days, even DAZN. In general, however, we are witnessing a positive platform opening: The user now does not have the burden of hardware and can see what they prefer on the device they prefer.

What RaiPlay streams

RaiPlay is Rai’s streaming platform and streams live and on-demand content. All linear channels in direct rayin fact, they are also accessible through the RaiPlay application. In total, in streaming, we can see 15 Rai channels:

  • Rai 1
  • Rai 2
  • Rai 3
  • Rai 4
  • Rai 5
  • ray movie
  • Premium Rai
  • rai history
  • yo yo rai
  • rai drink
  • Rai News 24
  • Rai Sport Plus HD
  • Rai School
  • RaiPlay
  • Rai Play 3

Added to these live linear channels is a huge amount of content available On demand. To have full access to all channels, it is not necessary to prove that you have paid the Rai fee, but it is necessary create a profile providing your email.

Sky Q becoming more open

With the agreement, Sky further enriches the number of apps accessible through Sky Q, which is confirmed as the point of reference for those who want to find, in one place, all Sky content and that of the main streaming apps“, So commented the agreement between Sky and Rai, the CEO of Sky, andrea duilio.

Rai’s CEO echoes him, Carlo Fuortes: “Through the agreement with Sky Italia, the public service company will be able to show its broadcasts to an even greater number of users and enrich the multimedia offer of Italian television.“.

Statements of circumstance aside, however, the important thing is that it is changingand also much, the way in which users use audiovisual entertainment services: if before it was necessary to make a large initial investment, buy the antenna and/or a decoder to only see the contents of a platform, with digitization it has become all different.

Now the hardware matters less and less as subscriptions matters more and more: users know that they can subscribe or Sign up free (as in the case of RaiPlay) to a service and then watch it practically everywhere: from smartphone to Smart TV, from game console to Sky Q set-top box.

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