New financial technology: the strange story of the cryptocurrency company that promises returns of 10% per month

A yield monthly “guaranteed” of 10%. That’s what she promised Christian Visentin with your algorithm. It was enough for her to invest in his company, the new financial technology, to obtain unexpected profits in the short term. The secret, said the man from Treviso, was the algorithm that was used, capable of speculating on the price differences between the different purchase platforms of the Bitcointhe best known among CRYPTOCURRENCIES. The imperfect is essential because in July new financial technology Ltd, born in Silea, just north of Treviso, but based in London, has stopped paying dividends. and she took it 100 million euros invested by thousands of people. Along with Visentini, at the top of the system were two other partners, the Roman lawyer Emmanuel Guillini and Mr. Mauro Rizzatotraveling between Italy and Dubai.

The dismissed charges and Visentin’s actions

I reject all accusationsThese are the words of GiulliniNow sole administrator of society that resolutely denies the existence of a pyramid scheme. However, there are some problems, and the Roman lawyer confirms it: “I am doing research. At the moment it is not known why I do not have access to client wallets. We are investigating the behavior of Visentin, but at the moment I can not say anything more, “says a The Republicspecifying that he was a to remove Visentin and Rizzato“of society. However, “the nature of what we think he may have done [Visentini] I can’t say right now. Otherwise, I would have to come up with a random crime hypothesis.” In any case, Giullini assures that the investors – who could participate with a participation of no less than 10 thousand euros – “will recover their money”.

Visentin’s partner is also harsh with the Venetian businessman: “I have received death threats and kidnapping»Declare to Corriere della Sera, but “I don’t know what he did”. The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, wants nothing to do with him. She would be with a person who ruined your life?he asks the reporter.

Bitcoin collapse or pyramid scheme?

the The value of Bitcoin has crashed in recent times. But this is not necessarily the real reason for filing for bankruptcy. how do you say to a The Republic Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Union of Consumers, there is avery high probability that the whole operation was a mere pyramid scheme 2.0: “From what has been understood, Bitcoin has been used as a red herring. Exploiting the great illusion behind these products”, explains the expert.

The main clue, which could have raised suspicion among investors, is theabsence of leaflet in contracts, which in Italy is mandatory for financial investments. Also, it informs skyTg24New Financial Technology is not among the authorized companies by the National Commission of Companies and Stock Exchange (Consob) to act as a financial operator.

Google | The trend in the value of Bitcoin in the last six months

the pyramid scheme

But how does it work? pyramid scheme What do the experts point to? There would be no real investment. the new member membershipsin fact, they would simply serve a pay the interest of those previously deposited in society. In light of this, it is clear that the system is only maintained until new investors can be found. that they necessarily have to increase more and moreoften until it arrives unsustainable numbers and quotas. It is precisely at this point that the pyramid collapses, under the weight of the members’ credits that cannot be paid. The swindler made the scheme famous in the first half of the 20th century. Charles Ponziwho perfected it so much as to link his name to it.

SkyTg24 | The contract signed by the partners of New Financial Technology

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