Men and women, why did Ida Platano go to the hospital? “Very severe migraines” | The dramatic story –

Ida Platano scares everyone with her unexpected hospitalization, but after her speedy recovery it seems that she will return to Men and Women in a new role

hours of fear for Ida Banana. The exuberant contestant on the throne of Men and Women scared everyone after posting an Instagram story that portrays her in a hospital bed. The photo was published to justify her prolonged absence on social networks, a circumstance that did not go unnoticed given her constant presence on the networks. In fact, the Sicilian hairdresser is used to updating her followers with photos and videos and her absence had begun to arouse suspicion.

To reassure everyone, Ida Platano decided to make known the reason for her silence, and the reason seemed anything but reassuring. “Hello my beauty. I wanted to tell you that I haven’t disappeared, I’m not so well. It’ll pass. I’ll be back soon, a hug”these are the words used by the lady on the throne to reassure her audience, although Ida did not think about the reasons for her hospitalization, preferring to keep her conditions secret.

After a few days he turns to his followers, apologizing for the nasty scare. “I didn’t mean to worry you, really”he later claimed. Fortunately, she later admitted that the worst was over and that she was finally able to return home. Away from the hospital, therefore, she felt freer to better explain what had happened.

Bad scare for Ida Platano who confesses to followers about her health conditions

Now that the worst is over, Ida Platano has decided to reveal to her followers the reason for her hospitalization. Through her Instagram profile, she let it be known that the treating doctor advised her to go to the emergency room for strong migraines: “It all started with some very strong migraines, I would really say… I’ve never had them like this. From then on my doctor tells me when he visits me to go immediately to the emergency room”, he said without specifying what the doctors told him after the visits.

However, he wanted to reassure everyone by saying that the recovery will be quick, perhaps because the filming of the new edition of Hombres y Mujeres will begin soon and there is great expectation by the public of Canale 5 willing to know what will happen on the throne. more and what will be the new tronistas of the classic throne.

Ida Platano new columnist? Tina Cipollari would not take the news well

After the nasty scare that landed her in the hospital, Ida Platano looks ready to get back together with the ladies of the most beloved Italian dating show. Her presence seems definitively confirmed as well as that of some of her ex, including Riccardo Guarnieri and Marcello Messina. But what role will Ida Platano play in the next edition of Men and women? Since the production of the program everything is silent, the only certain news seems to be the one related to a probable postponement of the broadcast of the program.

The news that two eligible ladies are taking part in a new and unprecedented role is hotly contested. In fact, it seems that Maria De Filippi wants something new and intends to revolutionize the program, starting with the throne. So some of the ladies could have a new look and the rumors speak of Ida Platano and Gemme Galgani being particularly opposed by tina cipolari who never misses opportunities to put them in difficulty. In fact, it seems that Ida Platano should become a kind of columnist on the field of play and if so, there will be some good ones in the Canale 5 room.

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