Lidl, the new appliance on offer has 9 functions in 1. You save a lot of money | It is selling like hot cakes! Limited availability!

lidl un nuovo elettrodomestico in 002

lidl a new appliance in 002

Lidl never disappoints: offers a dizzying succession of very interesting offers to its customers and continues to attract new followers thanks to the promotions it launches week after week.

From clothing, through technology, from DIY tools to luggage, obviously through food, its competitive prices are the most attractive in the market.

Obviously, however, the products it offers at really low costs have a low shelf life and vary from week to week. The tom tom on social media is so captivating that you surely haven’t missed this amazing appliance, functional, modern and considerably lower than the figures you find elsewhere. But time is running out to buy it in these conditions: the deadline is August 14!

Hurry up, then, if you’re interested! Oh, don’t you know what it is?

We tell you!

lidl a new appliance in 002

Lidl, new appliance on offer: 9 functions in 1 | Save a mountain of money | Selling like hot cakes, but availability is limited!

It is the most popular appliance of recent times, essential for cooking in a healthy and genuine way, but also for preparing delicious dishes, without getting dirty!

The air fryer offered by Lidl until August 14 for only 99 euros is from the Silvecrest brand and you can’t miss it.

It has 9 functions, thanks to its support you can:

  • to roast,
  • to bake,
  • simmer,
  • gratin,
  • grilled,
  • to warm,
  • toast,

and obviously

lidl a new appliance in 001

Included you will also find the recipe book with 20 proposals. It is equipped with an easy touch screen, with adjustable temperature from 40 ° to 200 °, a timer from 1 to 60 minutes, a power of 1800 W and a capacity of 10 liters. And it has a 3 year warranty!

Also included:

  • set of 8 skewers for kebabs,
  • rotating basket,
  • continuous plate,
  • trays for drying, baking and grilling,
  • skewer for roast chicken.

Think that by cooking with the fryer you can reduce the caloric amount of each dish by 80%. The crispy crust you’ll get is due to the air cooking the outside first, leaving the inside tender. In short, you will bring genuine and healthy food to the table, but really tasty; excess fats and liquids will slide off and accumulate in the basket.

In short, it is really a very useful appliance, not only for those who are on a diet, but also for those who want to stay healthy for a long time.

What are you waiting for then? Run to buy it!

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