Jova Beach Party, the president of WWF speaks: “The beaches are not all the same, we have said many ‘no’. Instrumental and wrong controversies” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

After being raised by various environmental associations and even harshly criticized, the president of the Center for WWF Studies Gaetano Benedetto has decided to intervene with some clarifications on the controversies raised by the jova beach party and the environmental impact that the tour of Jovanotti would have on the beaches where the concerts are held. The public posture of the geologist and science communicator mario tozzi, and the immediate response of the singer (in the meantime the two have made peace), have triggered a predictable avalanche effect of social comments and vitriolic judgments that have also involved the WWF. That is why the association intervened, specifying among other things that it had collaborated to “have the least possible impact and in any case manageable with respect to each local”.

WWF SAID NO TO DOZENS OF SITES FOR THE JOVA BEACH PARTY – Among the things that Gaetano Benedetto explains in the article he writes about The impression is that the long work carried out by WWF has led to saying no to dozens of sites that were candidates to host Jovanotti’s tour, which evidently triggers a tourist, economic and commercial incentive. “Beaches are not all the same. Precisely on the basis of this principle, in addition to those in protected areas, dozens of beaches were excluded from the choice of venues, despite the legitimate requests of numerous local authorities who asked the organizers to host the concerts”, reveals the President. of the WWF Study Center. That excluded all beaches within parks, reserves, sites of community interest and areas of special protection. He then he adds: “Each concert area was evaluated considering the surrounding radius of 3 kilometers, considering also the influx of public and the paths for spectators, using cordoned off paths on existing paths supervised by dedicated staff”.

THE CHOSEN BEACHES, THE PROTECTED ANIMALS, THE PROTOCOLS – Benedict responds to two other issues at the center of the fiercest criticism in recent days. The first still refers to the choice of beaches and the positions expressed by several ecologists are wrong. “Wanting to spend strongly artificial beaches in clearly urban contexts, as natural oases, however, it is an instrumental exercise as well as an erroneous one. This does not mean that more man-made beaches have no environmental value, but simply that impacts can be more easily controlled and absorbed. Among other things, in many cases stretches of coast are used for concerts, which are usually very crowded and often occupied by spa establishments, which suspend their activities for the occasion. And also with regard to the issue of protected animals, he is categorical: “The beaches where the presence (even occasional) of protected species was possible (such as the fratino) are controlled since spring and, in these localities, the dates of the concerts have been chosen so as not to create interference”. Furthermore, he reveals that analyses, protocols and procedures were applied for the Jova Beach Parties that “the thousands of medium-small events that are held annually on our beaches generally do not have them and when they do, they are never as complete and thorough. This was possible thanks to a precise choice by Lorenzo that was measured with the recipes derived from the WWF screening and analysis”.

PEACE BETWEEN MARIO TOZZI AND JOVANOTTI – In the meantime Jovanotti and Mario Tozzi have signed peace, throught social media. “Given the good faith of both -wrote the geologist-, we will not have difficulty understanding each other over a beer, perhaps on the beach. We have a diversity of views, but this is the beauty of sapiens. I wish you the best, I await your invitation“. Jovanotti replied after a few hours: “Where does the teacher want? The look!”. It is a pity that the protest continues on social networks in the face of the stages of Roccella Jonica (scheduled for today and tomorrow) and Viareggio, including calls for a boycott and the petition to stop large events on beaches and natural sites that in a few hours reached 31 thousand signatures. The controversy continues.

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