Ilary Blasi, new projects to not look like Noemi Bocchi

12 August 2022 09:23

He is studying a new hairstyle and would like to go back to college.

Ilary Blasi’s will be a hot fall. After twenty years together with Francesco Totti, the television presenter leaves alone. It seems that he wanted to take some time for himself: he will be on TV again in the next “Island of the Famous”, but in the meantime he will only dedicate himself to his reboot. To stay away from worldliness and gossip, he might take refuge in studies. His friends say that he wants to go back to college. According to the weekly “Di Più”, Ilary could restart the Faculty of Communication Sciences, which he had interrupted once he married Totti.

Ilary Blasi also seems upset by the comments that want her to look so much like her ex-husband’s new love. Her long blonde hair, her infarct body and her sexy air unite her with Noemi Bocchi and that is why it seems that Blasi wants a change of look from her: maybe she will cut her hair. Meanwhile, on social media, she sends a tongue out and who knows who she is she for…

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