Grand Hotel 3 Previews August 12, 2022: The fourth episode airs tonight on Canale 5

This is what will happen in the fourth installment of the third installment of the Spanish television series, Gran Hotel – Intrigas y Pasiones!

After the third episode of Grand Hotel – Intrigues and Passionsairy Friday, August 5, 2022, tonight, Friday, August 12, 2022, at 9:20 p.m. on Canale 5will be broadcast the new episode of the third chapter of the Spanish television series with yon gonzalez moon, peter alonso Y megan montaner.

Grand Hotel: Where we stayed…

Ezequiel, one of alice’s kidnappers, was murdered in prison. Diego you can show the best of your smiles: EzequielNow, can no longer unmask! Ayalaalthough, just as the bully was eliminated, received an enigmatic note with the words: “In Cain is the truth”. When they take notes July, the beloved Y Maite begins to follow this trail to try to unravel the mystery.. and they will end up shocked by what they discover. In the meantime, Andrés is putting his heart and soul into trying to win back Camila’s trust.what was it manipulated by belen. The latter, however, will continue to meddledetermined as she is not to give up her role as wife of the heir, she will end up firing her rival in love. Alfredinstead, finds out that King Alfonso XII himself is in the Gran Hotel, but disguised; Like this, the fallen marquis tries to contact himhoping it will succeed get their help to regain possession of the title of nobility. Focused as it is on this topic, Alfredo does not realize that, at this point, Sofía and Father Grau have gone beyond: no longer only faithful and confessor. In the meantime, Javier and Laura return from their honeymoon in Paris, my they do not have good news for doña teresa: The dowry of the daughter-in-law will be given to her in installments, monthly. Finally, The protagonist, the alarcon Y Lawyer know the real identity of the hotel manager: in reality, his name is Adrian Vera Celande. Now the trio must strive to obtain the necessary evidence to prove it and therefore, to cancel the marriage between the blonde and Murquia. Too bad that in the meantime Maite realized that she fell in love with OlmedoY Alicia she seems to have noticed…

Grand Hotel: the plots of the seventh and eighth episodes of the third season

Chaos broke out at the Grand Hotel: Andrés, on the day of the auction, in the presence of journalists and photographers, publicly declared that he had murdered Belén. In fact, the young man does not remember what happened that night, but he is convinced that his hands are stained with blood and therefore his conscience demands that he constitute himself. So while the hotel and the Alarcón family are hit by this scandal, A new investigator arrives in Cantaloa who will try to sentence Andrés to the death penalty. In the meantime, Maite assumes the defense of the unfortunateand encounter various obstacles on his way. Angelajust to look back Andrew on freedom, He even threatens Donna Teresa.. July Y Alicia they are trying to make their contribution to get their friend out of prison. the trioNevertheless, He also continues to follow the enigmatic clues given to them by the mysterious individual who is determined to ruin Diego.. The lawyer, the waiter and the heiress, thanks to him -or her- they arrive at a garden where a body is buried. SofiaInstead, she would like to rebuild the pieces of her troubled marriage with Alfredbut will not be able to resist and will give in to passion with Father Grau. In the meantime, Lauramore and more ambiguous, continues her love affair with her husband, Javier; nevertheless, Clara’s arrival will complicate things among them. Diego discovers that he is being held by a woman tied to his past, and start investigating. The terrible director could thus become aware of truths that, perhaps, he would have preferred to remain buried…

the fourth episode of third season of Grand Hotel – Intrigues and Passions airs tonight, Friday 29 July 2022a 21.20 in Channel 5.

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