Goodbye manual gearbox, in Italy it is a total revolution: there will be no more cars like this

Goodbye manual gearbox, the future of cars pushes in a completely different direction, we are living the last years of this romantic instrument.

Goodbye manual gearbox
Goodbye manual gearbox – Mtori.News

the future bring new technologies Y remove othersand one thing we’re about to say hello is the manual transmission. his was It seems endedeverybody car manufacturers yes prepare for remove this component. a component that has always been part of the car, and what time it also changes our vision of driving. Realwhat ya cars no manual gearbox are presentand I am Many. The point is that in much, they dreamed that this tool would never be removed from the machines.

Automakers bet on something else

the automotive companies they don’t feel more him manual transmissiona indispensable part for the carboth for manageability that for economic spending; so they are ready to open to the future. There Mercedes as 2024 the removed forever from productionand of 2030 He too Volkswagen Group will no longer produce it in its new cars. Needless to say, the other car houseswill follow the trendanger withdraw one part, that much I was synonymous with driving safety.

gearbox in operation
Scenes like these very soon we will not see them again –

behind this decision as said, there is manageability reasons and of economic savings for companies. THE new driving assistance systems they see the manual transmissionas a restrictionsomething that can hinder its use. Other reason and the cost, for manufacturing car with manual gearbox, provides the build a very large componentnot just limited to the knob and pedal, but to all the mechanisms that ensure that thedevice functions.

the era of automatic transmission is about to begin

the car manufacturers are already aim a lot in the electronic gearboxand with electric carsWhat are they increase in salesbecomes the solution of the future. cars with people like this type of exchangeneedless to say otherwise, and indeed it is a accessorythat he the customer asks with pleasure. There technological part today is there first part that the consumer asks, in your car. the companiesso, press for this solutionfrom the first rule It’s of To satisfy the client. In addition, the production cost of a electric gearbox it is much lower, than the manualother a point that houses.

automatic automatic transmission
The future of the car will see more and more use of automatic transmission –

All this sorry old nostalgicthe what when shift gears, yes they feel owners of the car. them, but maybe many of us who love to drivewe should resign ourselvesthe the future no longer includes this fun. Certainly even cars with automatic transmissions are so much funbut it won’t be never the same. But there is one thing to say, houses like for example Toyotaare producing the latest models with manual transmissionOnly for them most loyal customers. So if you have to change cars and love the manual gearbox, hurry upbecause the future will be with him automatic gearbox.

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