Does everyone get along? It’s the cold war between the Beckhams and the Peltz

August 12, 2022 11:09 a.m.

The disagreements between Victoria and her daughter-in-law were born with the wedding dress

“It’s not true that they don’t get along,” Brooklyn Beckham roared from the pages of “Variety” in recent hours, denying a crisis between the designer’s mother and his wife. “Nicola told me that the gossip was born because she chose a Valentino Couture dress, instead of wearing one designed by my mother,” explained the son of Victoria and David. “But there is no disagreement behind it: simply, my mother’s atelier would not have had time to finish the dress for the wedding date and Nicola had to make another decision,” she added. But the explanation is not entirely convincing.

Brooklyn insists: “We all get along. It is that there are those who enjoy putting discord ”. And mom and dad lend a hand to her son by trying to disprove the discrepancies by posting congratulations on the cover of “Variety.” The most attentive, however, have noticed that the mutual likes between the Beckhams and Nicola Peltz have disappeared and that the two newlyweds have not seen each other on the vacation yacht. There are those who swear that there is an even greater fracture behind it, which would involve the two great families…

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