Coins: with this old lira you can spend a year on vacation

Coins that span decades and decades still continue to make history, being more sought after by collectors than ever.

There are coins that are simply a part of the history of a particular country. There is no universal reason that gives way to this dynamic, what’s more, each specimen has its own story. Although in some cases something of little importance happens that allows a certain currency to enter fully into the public imagination of a town, nothing could be simpler, in some ways.

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Coins that in a certain sense they belong to the same history of a certain country, they have counted the times, they have marked the eras. If we take the ancient lira as an example, we are faced with a currency that has literally been part of our country for three different centuries. late nineteenth century, the entire twentieth century and a small part of two thousand. In short, we are facing the very history of our country as anticipated. Nothing more fascinating than thinking about it.

In many cases, the value of a currency As “old” as it may seem in some ways, it is certainly not a simple thing. There are many factors to take into account, the characteristics, by no means universal, As it was told that can lead to a particular specimen somehow lasting almost forever. charm, prestige and some features that are not for everyone, clearly starting with perhaps the most important of all, the year of minting.

A look then goes to the rendered image. in the same currency, by the subject, be it a historical character or a place, an object. In this case, then we will investigate. about the reasons that led in the coinage itself, the political and social context that is the background of the whole. In addition, minting errors must be taken into account, in short, manufacturing defects. Also pay attention to the edition of the copy itself. A small number of pieces in circulation is always a great advantage.

Coins: the 50 lira denomination that can be worth a real fortune

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One of the most sought after specimens of the moment currently by collectors around the world it is undoubtedly the 50 lire coin in its version defined as “Vulcan”. We are talking about one of the minted specimens in our country immediately after the war, when at a certain point there was a kind of updating of the denominations of the old lira coins. In 1954, preciselyproduction of this particular coin begins.

The name “Vulcan” this particular series of 50 lire clearly comes from the image depicted. The god Vulcan, determined to work on an anvil. In short, the representation of physical work, probably the effortItaly’s commitment to restart after the war. first issuedAs anticipated, in 1954, until 1989, until the arrival of the mini versions, so disputed by the Italians, this coin is among the most loved absolutely for the Italian citizens, to whom they are still very dear.

On one of the two sides, in addition to the image of the god Vulcan, we have the symbol of the Rome Mint, on the other, the profile of a woman with the words “Italian Republic”. Minted in ammonital, an alloy composed of iron and chromium Very widespread at that time, this coin in its proof versions minted in the years between 1950 and 1954. One of these copies in excellent condition can easily reach a value of around 5 thousand euros. It’s the one with the word “test” on it. next to the image of the same god Vulcan. The predicted value is high, very high. In some cases, sales prices have been reached, for a copy in excellent condition of up to 6 thousand euros, a real treasure in short.

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