Anne Heche, deceased after the accident: cult actress in the 90s, her story with Ellen DeGeneres

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He turned off the machines that were keeping her alive to allow her to harvest organs.
He was in several cult films in the 90s and became famous for his history with Ellen De Generes.

Great emotion in Hollywood for the death of Anne Heche, an American actress who in the late 90s starred in some popular films, from Donnie Brasco to Six Days, Seven Nights, and became famous for her glamorous relationship with Ellen DeGeneres. . On August 5, she suffered a serious accident and after a week in the hospital the doctors could not avoid declaring her brain dead. She breathed for a while with the help of a ventilator, until her family decided to disconnect the machines that kept her alive in order to extract her organs. Donating them was her choice, so they keep her alive to determine if they can be transplanted, her relatives had explained before the final decision: Anne had suffered a severe anoxic brain injury and remained in a coma. She also suffered a major lung injury, while severe burns required surgery. We want to thank everyone for the well wishes and prayers for Anne as she was done with the family.

A week ago, therefore, the actress He was driving his Mini Cooper in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles when he lost control of the car and crashed into a house. Then the flames, the immediate help of the firefighters and the transfer to the nearest hospital. The police launched investigations to determine the cause of the accident and the first evidence showed that Anne had taken fentanyl and cocaine. Nothing to confirm, testing needs to be completed and may take several weeks. Anne Heche was 53 years old and was born in Ohio, where she had experienced difficult family situations, going through several bereavements. Starting with her father, Donald Heche, lost at age 14 whom she later accused of sexual harassment in her memoir Call Me Crazy. After also dealing with the death of a sister and brother, she moved to Chicago with her mother, where she began singing in some clubs and, while studying, she began attending the theater.

They offered him a first time to participate in a soap opera, but Anne refused to concentrate on her studies. She retraced her steps and joined the cast of Destini, another successful soap opera for which she won an Emmy in 1991. From there she took her career off the ground with her subsequent big screen debut with The Adventures of Huck Finn. She then collaborated on television series and poster films: Donnie Brasco, Johnny Depp’s wife and Six Days, Seven Nights with Harrison Ford, but also Sex and Power and Gus Van Sant’s remake of Psycho. In private and public life, Anne Heche has never hidden that she is bisexual. After her relationship with Steve Martin, at the end of the 90s, her meeting with Ellen DeGeneres. Together they became the best-known gay couple in history, drawing Hollywood’s attention to them. In 200, the relationship and the careers of the two took opposite paths: if Ellen became one of the most famous presenters on American television, Anne entered the shadows without reviving the glories of the 90s. Two more relationships with an actor and a cameraman and two sons and a dozen unmemorable movies. Until that fatal accident at night in Los Angeles.

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