Alfonso Signorini, the dramatic fatal disease, “what little I have left to live”

Alfonso Signorini

A phrase said in transmission to GF Vip led to a dramatic revelation, Alfonso Signorini has a terrible disease.

Over time, he became a columnist for one of the most beloved television hosts, Alfonso Signorini, historical director of the weekly news magazine Chi, has caused a lot of concern about his health and the news is alarming. The same famous driver, after the release of some rumors, decided to speak about the very serious deadly disease he has to deal with.

Alfonso Signorini

We are anxious to see him return to the small screen in September with the new edition of Big Brother Vip, little by little the names of the participants are emerging, Although a couple of bitter disappointments have already arrived.

Despite the fact that September is near and Alfonso Signorini is already preparing his jacket and bow tie for the many evenings that await him at the seventh edition of GF Vip, which according to him will be truly incredible and full of surprises.

The drama of Alfonso Signorini’s illness

In recent years, Alfonso Signorini has shown that he is very capable at the head of the Canale 5 reality show, although at first he was not so convinced, over time the public has grown especially fond of him. controversy has certainly never been lacking.

For example, when a real media stir broke out when he said a particularly unfortunate phrase On the hot and sensitive topic of abortion, above all Italy being a clearly anti-abortion countrythen launch a message of this type on general television can be very harmful.

Signorini said, “We are against abortion in all its forms…”. A phrase so controversial that even the producer Endemol decided to distance himself by immediately writing a press release which reported, “In yesterday’s episode of Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini expressed his opinion on such an important and sensitive issue as abortion, which is a right of every woman enshrined in our legal system. While we respect everyone’s opinions, as Endemol Shine Italy we express our distance from his personal position. […]”.

A bad parenthesis that in the end ended in a deadlock because it seems that no other words from the driver have come out. There are a lot of thorny issues during Big Brother, so much so that only during another episode of the last edition. a sentence was uttered, again by Signorini, which had the spectators terrified about his health, he said the same, “For the little I have left to live.”

A chilling phrase that immediately sparked concern so speculation immediately began to surface and an expert in the gossip industry, social researcher, hdropped the bomb declaring,Signorini said it ironically but also seriously. Alfonso has leukemia and unfortunately he doesn’t have many years left. Giacomo Urtis is a great friend of his and he smiled (he loves him and knows the truth)”.

Alfonso Signorini

Frost! Especially since the confirmation of the disease was also received later by the person in question. who publicly confirmed that he suffered from it, reassuring everyone, however, declared that he managed to get out of it avoiding the danger of life, but obviously he does not stop keeping his health conditions under control.

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