Alessandra Mastronardi, Ross McCall is a distant memory: her heart beats for him

Alessandra Mastronardi, Ross McCall è un ricordo lontano: il suo cuore batte per lui

Alessandra Mastronardi has a new love. It’s been a while since the end of her relationship with Ross McCall was confirmed: the indiscretion finally became a reality. The actress, who has lived in London for some time, has now returned to Italy, and has been seen in Rome with her new partner. But it is not the first time that they are portrayed together, and Mastronardi herself had already shared a shot with the dentist.

Alessandra Mastronardi, from flirtation to love: at her side is Gianpaolo

What at first seemed like a flirtation is now a reality. There relationship between Alessandra Mastronardi and Gianpaolo (about which very little is actually known) continues to flourish. Taking pictures of them together was again diva and donnathat surprised them by streets of rome, to enjoy the summer of the capital. At this point, her relationship with Ross McCall, an English actor, has officially ended: no return of the flame, without a doubt.

The actress and Gianpaolo were seen in Villa Borghese, where they got into a lively discussion and then headed to the Pincio Terrace. From then on there was a romantic moment between them: Gianpaolo held her hand gently, as the sun set behind them. A moment of love all for them. In addition to photos of diva and donnaThe actress had been shown together with Gianpaolo in an Instagram story: the couple hugged and both were the portrait of happiness. For now, attendance is official and not a mystery.

Who is the new love of Alessandra Mastronardi

Brown curls, a dentist from the capital and a reserved personality – Gianpaolo is far from show business. Like Mastronardi, he too seems to be keeping the secret. There is very little information we have about him. Reveal how did they meet was the Corriere della Sera: the most classic of encounters, from the moment were introduced by mutual friends. Since then they never stopped hanging out and getting to know each other.

Because it ended with Ross McCall

At this moment, Mastronardi is in Italy: he is vacation time for the last remnants of a sultry summer. And what better way to get lost in the streets of Rome in the company of her new love, strolling through Villa Borghese? The story with Ross McCall (which lasted four years) belongs to the past: the actress had chosen to live in London only to build something serious. After all, there had been talk of marriage and even children for a long time, but, in the end, something broke and they decided to say goodbye.

The relationship ended in full compliance by both parties: “Without any romantic drama.“. In any case, both the English actor and Mastronardi closed in silence once the breakup was confirmed: no further details were shared. Now, however, the time has come to think about the future and to build it together with Gianpaolo: who knows who isn’t really his soulmate.

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