Alec Baldwin’s wife against the haters: “My belly is real, I didn’t eat a ball…”

August 12, 2022 10:32 a.m.

And it shows on social networks the ultrasound of the seventh child on the way

Taking a selfie in front of the mirror and showing off her yeasty tummy, on her Instagram story, Hilaria wrote: “My friends have taken stock of my tummy”… “It looks as fake as if I ate a ball. I guess online psycho conspiracy theorists with too much time on their hands are here a bit,” she continued, then wryly added, “Now you can share links and theories about the kind of ball I ate. I hope you come up with something that tastes good. Please put something positive in your rants,” concluding with a PS, “Maybe it’s a chocolate ball, it’s my favorite!”

And as one more “message” to the haters, in a later post, Alec Baldwin’s wife also wanted to share the ultrasound of the baby being born, from which the profile of the face can be seen perfectly: “It is not surprising that Alec and I are making a very Baldwinian baby…once again…Here it is!!!”

Against the cruel culture of “bullying and killing”, Ms. Baldwin posted a long and poignant message: “When I feel really sad and depressed, the trauma of being bullied starts to consume me, I think about how these people feel”, The post began: “Some at this time and others at other times… it gives me a wave of courage to put one foot in front of the other to reach a point where I can understand it (…) Write the route on the map with others, to that you can pave the way for more people to find a happy life. Regardless of the bullying, bullying, and cruel culture of killing…”

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