WhatsApp update: all the news to know

WhatsApp is updated: now it is possible to delete messages, already sent, up to two days after sending and many other new features.

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WhatsApp Messenger now allows users to delete messages even after 2 days. New features also include group incognito exit, screenshot blocking, and invisible status. All the details.

WhatsApp update: all the news to know

Compared to the previous limit, a radius of 2 days to delete messages seems like a nice improvement. But there’s a problem. Although the company’s tweet indicates that users have just over 2 days to delete messages, it does not specify the exact time limit. Is it 48 hours after posting the message? According to TechCrunch, the limit is actually 2 days and 12 hours, which is 60 hours.

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The only drawback is that when you delete a message in a WhatsApp chat, the message “You have deleted this message” remains. This can seem a bit awkward, especially when done in a group conversation.

This is another detail in which WhatsApp has not yet caught up with its biggest rival, Telegram, which leaves no mark after deleting a message. In fact, Telegram does not have a time limit for deleting messages. It even allows you to delete messages sent by others.

It’s strange that there is still no ‘option to edit messages in WhatsApp, a feature that could be useful to correct typos, add additional information, URLs, images, subtitles, etc.

1) Hidden or invisible state

WhatsApp will soon start letting users choose which contacts can see your latest status seen, hiding the information from other users. This can add an extra layer of privacy.

2) Leave WhatsApp groups without anyone knowing

Have you ever been part of a group but finally stopped chatting? The fact is when you try to leave the group, WhatsApp reports it with a status that says “The user has left the group”. This can be annoying as it can draw the user’s attention in an unwanted way and they can receive messages asking why they left the group. It’s the last thing you wanted.

Meta’s proprietary messaging service has a way around this problem: it will soon allow users to quietly leave groups. The incoming feature will only notify group admins, so other group members won’t see a message when you leave the conversation silently.

3) Block screenshots

Maybe you know that WhatsApp is compatible with the message display only once, which includes multimedia content. People can still save a copy of those messages by taking a screenshot on their mobile phone. This created a privacy issue for users.

the block screenshots is another privacy feature coming to WhatsApp Messenger. It will prevent users from saving self-destructing messages, that is, viewing messages once. Telegram has a similar feature, called Content Protection, which prevents users from copying, saving, or forwarding messages. But this restriction is only available for Telegram channels.

Improvements to last seen status, screenshot blocking, and leaving groups in private will soon be available to users, on mobile and desktop.

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