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(from August 11 to September 5)

Hello everyone! How are you? Today (Thursday 11 August) Venus leaves Cancer to enter Leo, where it will remain until September 5. As you know by now, when a planet enters a sign, its function is express via quality and the characteristics of the sign that houses it.

In this case, considering that Venus is the love planetand that Leo is the sign of prideof courage Yself expressionthe association of ideas is made soon: Venus in Leo represents a little for the whole Zodiac an invitation to think about a pinch of more courage in affective relationships. the courage of declare a love, if the other person has not yet understood. The courage to get serious or to exchange an important promise. But also the courage to support an option of love, if it does not find favor with others. to review a bit self-love, if the heart beats for a person who does not correspond. Or, again, to make a difficult decision if a love ends.

Going deeper, the symbolic common denominator of transit is it is-primere (which is the exact opposite of king-first) the desires of the heart, translating them into actions, projects and initiatives. Give them a voice with a “roar” that comes out of the strong and stentorian chest, without asking permission, overcoming fears and shyness. Some signs catch the side of the “push“Thanks to favorable trine or sextile aspects. Others instead take the side of the “challenge“With oppositions and squares that make a bit of sense of saying ‘and give yourself a move!'” But despite everything, this new Venus contains an invitation to live love to the fullestwithout reservations or uncertainties, without being held back by the fear that things might go wrong.

Venus in Leo is also an expression of generosity in love: teaches not to pay attention to expenses, to show one’s feelings with enthusiasm and gestures, but also to expect the same attention and the same importance from the other. For this reason, those who have lived for a long time in a relationship made of promises that are not kept, could now find the right push to corner an elusive couple. The desire to live emotions with intensity, in an absolute and totalizing way, is awakened, and it is a real “antidote” for relationships that drag on by inertia, or for those who are unable to declare a feeling.

The first to benefit, of course, are the fire signs, LION in the head, but also ARIES Y SAGITTARIUS, so the visit of Venus gives birth to a true rebirth of the heart, a powerful awakening of charm, self-esteem and romance. Beautiful encounters for lonely hearts, often completely surprising. Especially in the days of late August (when Venus meets the unpredictable square Uranus) Cupid is really in the mood for jokes and can shoot his arrows in the most unexpected directions. Someone, surprisingly enough, could reopen the file on a person known in recent months who “promised well” but with whom things have no longer followed. Then someone could reopen the file and be “resentful” with a person known in recent months who “promised well” but with whom things have not gone. Try again, or at least set the record straight, to understand what happened.

The climate between couples also improves a lot, especially for the Aries that has been coming for weeks with a Venus in square that may have created misunderstandings and small frictions. Dialogue, passion, understanding and the desire to feel good improve. Not only that: this new Venus long ago fertile the sky of fire signs (also here, especially for Aries). Few words for the wise…! (Continue)

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