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Unfortunately, as strange as it may seem, the best restaurant in the world is not Italian. Despite our famous Mediterranean diet, our excellent products and our “star” chefs, experts believe that the best restaurant in the world is elsewhere. In Copenhagen, Denmark.

Yes, because on the occasion of the important annual event in which a jury made up of independent experts from the world of gastronomy, international chefs, gastronomic journalists and gastronomic tourists, decreed the names of the best restaurants in the world, the so-called 50 Best, the first prize if it was awarded to an iconic restaurant in the Danish capital, the Geranium.

The best restaurants in the world are in Copenhagen

Denmark has been in the empyrean of the best cuisines in the world for years. Before the Gernaium it was another restaurant in Copenhagen that ranked at the top of the world, the famous No but. The cuisine of this country is not only innovative, but also local, traditional and organic.

El Geranio, which just for its location deserves a visit, since it is located at the top of the parken football stadium or Telia Parken, where Copenhagen plays and also the Danish national team, also with a beautiful panoramic view, is run by chef Rasmus Kofoeda. It was the first Danish restaurant to receive three Michelin stars in 2016. A full menu here costs around €430. No meat is served, only fish and vegetables and their dishes are pure art.

The Copenhagen Cooking Festival

For those who want to try it or want to experience the well-known Danish cuisine, they can do so during a summer vacation. In August, from 19 to 28, an important gastronomic event takes place with the best restaurants in the city as protagonists, Copenhagen cuisinea ten-day festival that attracts some 100,000 visitors each year.

This year there are nearly a hundred events, some free, others paid, from street food to cooking classes (even for children), aperitifs, dinners under the stars or with jazz music and many other incredible experiences, such as best danish chefs competing for the Dish of the Year 2022. But above all, events related to sustainability, organic food, food recycling.

Unpublished locations in Copenhagen

And food is an opportunity to discover some unusual corners of the city, off the beaten track. Some events take place within the courtyards, others along The Lakes, the three rectangular lakes that surround the center of town, in the gardens. Søndermarken and in the former Cistern, a recovered underground space where art exhibitions are held and which is located inside the park, in Plads Blågårdsa public square in the Nørrebro district where events are often organised, especially in summer.

The center of the event is Israels Plads, a large square in the center of Copenhagen. And to think that before the city ended here and right here were the fortifications that enclosed it. It is one of the symbols of urban regeneration.

Another central place of the event is Frederiksberg, one of the most beautiful districts of the city, where the splendid frederiksberg palacebuilt in baroque style for the royal family, surrounded by beautiful gardens that are filled with families on good days.

On the occasion of Copenhagen Cooking, the park hosts the Harvest Festival with many bars and restaurants offering their dishes directly from farm to table. It is eaten sharing a long table, in pop-up restaurants or having a picnic on the lawn.


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