The VIP (and discreet) destination of the Italian summer


Forget vacation resorts with VIP-filled beaches made up of lounges, loud music, jet skis whizzing over the sea, paparazzi-filled plazas and designer boutiques.

VIP lovers of discretion and the real relaxing vacation they choose another destination, away from smartphone cameras and hordes of fans.

The most popular destination for VIPs this summer

The most popular destination this summer is confirmed once againisland of elba, a small wild and fascinating paradise of the Tuscan archipelago. Here, the fairytale sea, the predominant nature that surrounds the island have captivated many celebrities who have chosen it for their summer vacations.

It will be because of the sea of ​​intense color or perhaps because of the powerful nature or even because of the always mild climate or because of its millenary history or perhaps because of the combination of all these elements together, is that the secret ingredient of the island of ‘Elba, which enchant more and more Italian and international VIPs that he
they choose to spend their summer vacation in total serenity no one has figured it out yet.

Elba is particularly loved for that discretion and tranquility that allows her to live a true vacation in freedom.

VIPs on Elba Island

Among the guests to the island this summer we find The edge (David Evans), guitarist of U2, who chose Porto Azzurro where he had a typical dinner in the restaurant. He must have been the bandmate.
Bono, guest on Elba last year, to introduce you to the island as the ideal destination for a summer getaway?

The spectacular dive of the American singer, actor and director has conquered social networks Jared Leto who, after successes in the world of cinema with leading roles in “House of Gucci” and in “Morbius”, the latest Marvel film, has chosen Elba to spend part of his vacations in Europe.

But our VIPs are not lacking. The shots of the island of Elba have also been published by sabrina salerno who, after inviting his followers to choose the Belpaese to spend the summer holidays and help the local economy restart, gave his followers seductive posts also from the Tuscan island, enhancing the blue of the sea that surrounds it .

A sea ​​river instead, the actor Paolo did not go unnoticed
Conticini, who for his holidays has chosen the charming fishing village also famous for its beautiful coves. Rio Marina was once considered the Iron Capital of Elba Island. The mines and the port were used for the excavation and transport of iron ore that, even today, with its shine and classic reddish color, characterizes the entire town, from the facades of the houses, to the beaches, including the very bottoms. marine.

Fixed guest is also Andrea Bocelli, very close to his Tuscany, who leaves Versilia and the Lajatico estate for a few days to come to Elba with his family. He often arrives by boat and stops at the landing sites (he has been seen in Portoferraio and Porto Azzurro), but above all he does not fail to visit the villages to take in the sounds, smells and traditional flavors of the island.

Even athletes have always shown a great passion for Elba, both for training, favored by the mild climate and the wide variety of landscapes, and for their vacations.

The fixed guest is baby saw, foil champion and face of the Paralympic movement, came to Elba with her family when she was a few months old. Now to seal this
mutual love, Bebe was awarded the honorary citizenship of Portoferraio by the mayor of the city.

Between sea and relaxation, also the award-winning figure skater Carolina Kostner
came to Elba to spend a few moments of leisure in this hot summer. For his crossword puzzles by the sea and a nice walk along the cliffs of the island to enjoy the view.

To close -for now- the list of VIPs seen on the island this summer also the former coach of Fiorentina and the national team Cesar Prandelli. But summer is not over yet. Let’s see who lands on the island again.

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