The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the municipalities of Terraglio: “I am locked away from home…”

MOGLIANO – Elegant, affable and above all convincing. He to the point of pitying his victims and convincing them to open their wallet to help that self-appointed lawyer get out of trouble. “Excuse me, I’m thezuin lawyerI locked myself out of the house. I would need a loan of 37 euros to pay the locksmith, then they return everything to you, ”she assures each time. But never even the shadow of money. In social networks the reports of villagers whom the malefactor tried to give them to drink using the alias of lawyer Zuin. In order to break through, exploiting his acting skills, in the wall of mistrust before the requests of a stranger. Casier Dosson, Preganziol, Trevisobut also several places in the Venetian. The alert runs in Facebook groups and someone also requested the intervention of carabineros: on Friday a patrol intervened in the area of via Aldo Moro but the scammer was already gone. He also hit on via Petrarchusing the alias of lawyer Zuin to break the wall of mistrust when faced with requests from a stranger.

“He ran out of the apartment building at number 11, all breathless. She said she had locked herself out of the house, had no spare keys and had to pay the locksmith for the work he was doing to unlock the house,” Ottavia D. tells Dosson’s Facebook group. Then we ask him to accompany you to pick up the keys at his office in the center. she asked for the loan of 38.70 euros for the payment of the locksmith asking exactly what intercom and name to return the money. She would leave them in the mailbox. Obviously more seen!

The resident is not the only one who warns her fellow citizens of the traps of this specialist in scams. Barbara G. also gives a description: “Italian accent, average height, short hair.” This is how the bells of the houses in the area of ​​the Primavera pizzeria were seen ringing on Friday afternoon around 3 in the afternoon. “Presenting as a lawyer, he declared that he had locked himself out of the house and asked for 37 euros to double the keys, promising to return the sum in an hour” – explains the woman, who recommends especially warning the elderly, favorite victims of scams «My wife also met him in via Aldo Moro – says Giorgio B. -. Same story…locked away from home…polite and convincing, he asked for 17 euros and then bye-bye». The neighbors have alerted the carabinieri, who are now on the hunt for the scammer. Its radius of action would not be limited to the Marca, where, however, other citizens have denounced episodes similar to fresh. There are those who are willing to swear that they have been “in the square” for years. «It is always the same thing that is going around, a true professional of the scam -writes Mónica Z. on social networks-. She managed to scam me more than ten years ago for 5 euros in San Zeno, where I lived. She makes the center and the peripheries and then changes the region. It tells stories that seem true, the classic fortuitous events. And you care, always.”

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