The best Wi-Fi lamp is Vimar: discover the 3 home automation ideas

Vimar, an Italian company based in Marostica, allows us to make home lighting smart and integrate it with other home automation functions such as the management of awnings and shutters and the alarm system. The Vimar catalog is not lacking in LED beacons, spotlights and emergency flashlights, all solutions designed for our comfort and safety. If you want to know more, read the article in which we will bring you closer to the fascinating world of Vimar Wi-Fi lamps!

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Vimar Wi-Fi lamps: 3 easy and useful home automation ideas

Vimar, a leading civil engineering company, stands out in the home automation sector for offering high-quality products at competitive prices compared to the competition. As tosmart lighting, which is smart, Vimar offers several options. The easiest way is a plug and play system, that allows you to transform a traditional system by replacing it with smart switches capable of managing lights and blinds in a totally innovative way.

But those who want to integrate all the functions (automation, anti-intrusion, video door entry, cameras, etc.) will have to install a By-Me system that allows management with a central axis. Obviously, there is the right to manage everything with theVimar View application. Among the different functions that we can control remotely we find:

  • customization up 16 scenarios;
  • check status of lights and gods connected loadsme fighting;
  • see consumption of the house

There is also a wide variety of aesthetic solutions for plates, controls and switches. goes from basic line FLAT at most luxurious EIKON, from the Contemporary ARKÉ at most classic idea. Let’s first see how Vimar lighting works and take a closer look at some useful ones. Wi-Fi lamps present in the extensive Vimar catalog.

Vimar Wi-Fi lamps: 3 easy and useful home automation ideas

How Vimar smart lighting works

Vimar Wi-Fi lamps: 3 easy and useful home automation ideas

Vimar Wi-Fi lamps need a hub to work. This device allows the synchronized management of all the light points in the home through the Wi-Fi network. This may consist of a classic Vimar catwalkwhich costs about 80 euros, but it is also possible to do without it if you already have one center with the ZigBee Protocol. In this case you can blow any compatible device, Amazon Echo Plus for instance, as a bridge to connect to the internet.

All Vimar devices take advantage of the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which allows radiofrequency controls to work without the need for cables or batteries. To complete our smart lighting we still need two devices: i derailleurswhich are used to manage the individual light points, and the actuators, which allow you to send commands and execute them. Both actuators and diverters are equipped with an RGB LEDthat monitors its status and consumption and a free piloted contactthat allows the association with other equipment such as meteorological sensors and anti-theft devices for scenario setting.

L’facility will be operated by Electrician qualified via the Vimar View Pro App. It will proceed to pair the devices (via bluetooth pairing), plug them into the gateway or another hub, and configure them on a room-by-room basis as needed. Another operation that the installer will carry out, depending on our needs, is to configure predefined energy consumption thresholds.

Once all the light points are connected, they can be managed through theVimar App View with which we also have the possibility of reading the consumption and set scenarios predefined, for example exit scenario by lower the blinds and turn off the lights with a single command. The biggest advantage of an intelligent lighting system lies in the voice controlVimar is unparalleled from this point of view. Vimar home automation interfaces Of course with the main voice assistants: Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit.

1. Vimar twilight LED night light

Vimar Wi-Fi lamps: 3 easy and useful home automation ideas

There Vimar LED night light have a solid and compact appearance that easily adapts to any type of environment. The device must be connected to a socket; once connected it works thanks to a twilight sensor that will turn on the light source when the amount of light in the room decreases and will turn it off when the light level returns to normal.

Their estimated duration (50,000 hours) makes it an ideal lamp for everyday use. IT IS suitable for lighting any room in the house kids roomthe withdrawalthe garage or the veranda.

2. Vimar infrared timed twilight motion sensor

Vimar Wi-Fi lamps: 3 easy and useful home automation ideas

This appliance is Useful mainly at transit points such as rooms under the stairs, stairs, corridors. Its ignition is regulated by a motion detector that signals the passage of people or animals. It is also provided with light sensor that turns on when the light level drops and is adjustable by means of the front trimmer.

He is very useful timing function that allows you turn off the light automatically, if no presence is detected in the room, after a time interval that can vary between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. It is suitable for any environment and can be installed on the wall. IT IS available in the lines Flat (white) my Idea (anthracite).

3. Flashlight with Vimar charging socket

Vimar Wi-Fi lamps: 3 easy and useful home automation ideas

There Vimar torch 230V its alot useful in case of blackout since it can be used as auxiliary lighting in case of power failure. can be installed Wall but if necessary detaches and acts as a portable flashlight. Thanks to the shoulder strap and the solid metal handle it is comfortable Y practical. It must necessarily be combined with civil series plates and switches. Available in series flat (white and silver) e Idea (Gray).

It can discreetly illuminate any room, installs into a normal wall socket and occupies two modules. If it is fully recharged, once unplugged from the outlet, you may have aautonomy about Eight hours.

Gallery of ideas and photos of Vimar Wi-Fi lamps

In this article we have compiled the best smart lighting solutions from Vimar. Take a look at the gallery below to take a closer look at the various models.

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