Shitstorm Aurora Ramazzotti. She said it about sex, “Men don’t know…” is controversial

In the last 24 hours Aurora Ramazzotti has become a trend on twitter for some statements she has made in recent days about sex in general and the way men practice it. A statement above all was the one that set fire to the dust, unleashing the rain of controversy on the web. Men have no idea where the clitoris is, nor do they know how to find it.

Of course, the discourse is much broader and is not limited to just these two phrases, what is more, those who follow Aurora Ramazzotti on social networks know very well that once a week the influencer maintains a column open to everyone where It’s about sex and partner. relations. . Everything is always played out with the typical irony of Aurora, who certainly does not sell herself as an expert sexologist or couple analyst, but rather speaks freely like any girl her age, a contemporary of hers, who has had a minimum of life experience.

In any case, although the panorama of her experiences was small and it is certainly not about that, the young woman in question is free to give her opinion and discuss this or that topic on social networks. Or maybe not?

Obviously the strong patriarchal wave still alive in our society wants you to expose yourself so much on a certain topic. Sex, unfortunately, in Italy is still a taboo, something itchy that should never be talked about and alas! to emphasize that the “alpha male” is not capable of fulfilling the woman’s expectations. We women listen to the needs of our partner, whoever they are, man or woman, without distinction and we live for the reciprocity of the relationship. Is it the same for man? Apparently not if he’s so susceptible to criticism.

Reviews that, moreover, touch on a subject as old as the world, the sexual pleasure of women, something mysterious, whose complexity is comparable to the enigma of the sphinx. Book after book has vindicated the right of women to feel pleasure and excellent feminists have spoken about it. But if the one who speaks is a girl of today, followed by millions of girls like her, then she will never be, comments on twitter like the ones we report below are carried.

The storm of insults for Aurora Ramazzotti

“You have a serious problem. That the parents separated when you were a child. And I understand you, Aurora. But we have nothing to do with that. So can you stop doing the bratty sour shit and stop breaking our balls for every dumb thing? Thank you”

This is the comment of a male twitter user who accuses Aurora Ramazzotti of being the daughter of divorcees and therefore would have some kind of frustration or repressed anger.

Unfortunately, women have also expressed their opinion on the matter:

“But what have we done wrong to have to put up with useless complaints every day from a privileged, miraculous, irrelevant girl, cat attached to the Zebedeans, unpleasant and ungrateful daughter of a dad? They know where she is. It is you who does not know where dignity is.”

The phrase of this last comment “you know where it is…” refers to the clitoris that with a provocative comment Aurora Ramazzotti would have said is unknown to most heterosexual men. Hence the controversy is unleashed, unfortunately also by girls and women like her.

It must be said that in her weekly column, open in the stories with the question box, many times it is her followers who ask her for opinions or advice on certain topics if she is not the one who launches the topic of discussion. The majority of Aurora’s followers are female and therefore her point of view is almost assumed to be predominantly female.

Certainly the discussion was improvised and the comment too, perhaps someone could suggest opening real debates in which men can also give their opinion but from here to address her in a very unpleasant way. That there are characters a little fussy about the subject? Surely from this situation we have learned that sex is still a taboo, there are certain problems and we must maintain them.

The incriminating story, for those who have not seen it, was recorded on the train and Aurora ironically imitated an x-man reaching for the clitoris while moving in the wrong place: “The one who rubs his lips thinking about pecking the clitoris…”this is the writing that he put in the video and then went on to say: “Ok, it’s funny, but if you don’t tell him what he’s doing wrong, you’re more at fault than him, who’s just a victim of falling asleep during anatomy class.”.

Another comment, unfortunately also tweeted by a woman, goes like this: “Aurora’s pseudo-feminist discourse is very violent. Why humiliate an entire gender so much? The men in my life have done everything to make me ‘rejoice’. Of course: if you go with the first one you want to fuck, you may think more about him than about yourself. It’s not ignorance, but selfishness.”.

In the stories of the last hours Aurora Ramazzotti with the usual irony said that she had discovered that it had become a trend on Twitter but that she did not want to open any tweets so as not to ruin the day or even the week.

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