Scorpio, great protagonist and annoying family. Horoscope for today Friday August 12

Blackbeard’s horoscope for today, Friday, August 12

Aries. 3/21 – 4/20

Opportunities are not lacking: to take advantage of them you have to jump into the fray and consider the risk. Take extra work to settle accounts. If you don’t really ride with your friends, your companions will console you: from them you will learn the art of elasticity.

Bull. 4/21 – 5/20

You don’t need to break out in a cold sweat from the tense weather, or even react forcefully, if the results turn out to be less than expected. Don’t let emotional disturbances interfere too much with your natural fulfillment.

Twins. 5/21 – 6/21

The Moon guarantees openness towards others and serenity. Brilliant and carefree spirit, to spend the day in the best way. You are holding your breath on a matter that is close to your heart, but subject to unpredictable factors.

Cancer. 6/22 – 7/22

Doing everything on time is easier than usual nowadays. A radical change of method allows excellent performance. Finances in the graces of heaven. Mortgages, subsidized loans, legacies and old debts to collect.

Lion. 7/23 – 8/23

A recent move takes you away from your environment, breaking the rhythms and habits that ultimately made you feel safe. Passionate discussions on the topics that matter most to you. Keep a close eye on business.

Virgin. 24/8 – 22/9

Mars and Uranus press hard on the pedal of will and ingenuity. Explore new territories, especially in the professional field. Immediate action, exceptional practicality, perfect timing, tenacity to achieve goals.

Weight scale. 9/23 – 10/22

An antidote to today’s worries is provided by the White Lady in Aquarius. The affection of friends gives prodigious results. Conferences and concerts. relationships to cultivate. From the exchange with others arises a feeling of well-being and vitality.

Scorpion. 10/23 – 11/22

Great protagonist and annoying family: personal aspirations and ambitions that diverge from the needs of their loved ones and the difficulty to mediate. It seems difficult to reconcile work and family life, but with the necessary calm, everything is possible.

Sagittarius. 11/23 – 12/21

The Moon in Aquarius is a good passport for the weekend. On a trip or in the city you will find a sea of ​​stimuli to spend a fun Friday. Invitations, new contacts, a friendly and independent relationship that satisfies the need for freedom.

Capricorn. 12/22 – 1/20

Intriguing encounters, unforgettable evenings: the passion of this stage excites you. New exciting knowledge also in the professional field. With love you are a little at odds: confused and unmotivated. Look for new stimuli. Be careful with the money.

Aquarium. 1/21 – 2/19

Weekend in the company of the lunar conjunction. A contradictory moment: the sense of responsibility collides with the desire to escape. In keeping with the climate, today without ties, relying on improvisation and what the present offers.

Fish. 2/20 – 3/20

Basically quiet environment. Satisfy the need for recreation, rest and good company, stimulating without setting goals. Keep a close eye on the progress of your projects, but allow yourself a little levity in freedom.

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