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recharge on vacation 3Loading on vacation 3 / Another reader, Antonio, shares here the story of his first long electric trip, to Capo Rizzuto. On vacation you get out of the usual routine, an experience to share, especially if it is the first time. Two other readers have already done so, one with the Nissan Leaf and one with the Volkswagen ID.3. Anyone who wants to participate can write to the email

of Antonio Barbato

“P.leaving home on Sunday July 17 at 6:30 with the 100% charged, towards the A1 exit of Fabro (TR), 15 km from the house. imposed the Cruise control at 130 km/h and all Adas available, air conditioning at 22 ° And till Ceprano (FR), everything goes smoothly: the motorway is free and calm.

recharge on vacation 3Recharge on vacation 3 / We start at dawn with the ID.4 at 100%

We arrived at around 08:30, routes 250 kilometers For the first section/stop with 30% charge, 2 seats Enel X Ultra Fast of 4x300kWh, 1 of 60kWh and 6 bays Tesla, (all covered with photovoltaic panelsthe). Meanwhile it recharges, 100 meters away there is an excellent Bar/Pastry Shop and a supermarket: we took the opportunity to have breakfast and relax a bit. We leave at 9.15 am with 95% and goes down again to 130 km/h: the highway is always free, few cars, etc. Battipaglia (SA). We arrived at 10:30, traveled 185 km., Second stage/stop with Four. Five% free, 6 places ionity in the heart of the town inside the agip distributor. We took advantage of it for our needs and a coffee. We left at 11, with the Ninety-two% charge: we return to the highway always respecting the limits. we went out to Laura (PZ) for the last loading stop, also because after the Fast columns there are no more. I choose to do the S.Statale 106 Jonica E/90, calculating that I arrive with a good autonomy at my destination.

recharge on vacation 3Very satisfied with the VW ID.4 and the refills are fine

We arrived at about 13, routes 135 kmthird and last stage / stop with i55% free of charge, 2 positions Enel X of 60kWh in the middle of nowhere. We have a packed lunch. We left around 1:30 p.m. with the 95% of charge. We always return to the highway and after the Statale 106 respecting the limits. We make 3 other quick little stops for the child’s needs and ours. The last 100 km before the finish I run at a speed of 70/90. We arrive at our destination at 5 pm 235 km (Red Beaches Village, Capo Rizzuto Island, KR) with fifty% of charge. A nice trip of more than 10 hours, I must say that the three of us arrived quite rested (me, my wife and my son). Volkswagen ID.4 he behaved very well. It helped me a lot and I am more than satisfied with it, an exceptional car. Columns working and free, no traffic or other problems. Travel as planned.

Back: recharges and consumption step by step

Departure on Sunday July 24 at 9 am with 90% load (recharge 100% done in the week in Catanzaro), and weather always in 22°. We make the first 70 km of state road to Catanzaro and then take the A2/E45 where speeds of 110/130, km/h, destination Cosenza. We arrive at 10.40: routes 150 km for a small recharge, Enel X column of 10kWh 60kW for 10 minutes, parking lot full of trash nothing useful nearby. We leave immediately, all the way uphill towards Lauria (PZ). Arrival at 12.20 with autonomy at 19%roads 115 km Fast column of 60kW, we start again at 13 with the Four. Five% of battery until the next stop to Battipaglia (SA), in the company of its Coupé twin ID.5 GTX. We arrived at 1:50 p.m. 135 km routes with autonomy for 13%. A few steps away there is a cheese/charcuterie: we took the opportunity to have lunch with ham and mozzarella sandwiches, really excellent, and sweets. It’s time for lunch, the car is almost recharged..

Top up on vacation 3 How much I used, how much I spent

Let’s start with the 95% loading at 14.40, arriving in the province of Caserta with 16, routes 110 km. We leave the following afternoon on Monday, July 25 at 3:30 p.m. with the 70%, with one stop Anagni Fiuggi (FR). We arrived at 5:15 p.m., traveled 160 km, with autonomy at 21%2 quick stops EnelX from 60kWh We start again after about 45 minutes with 83% charge and rights to home: another 210km and you reach 20, with battery left over at 25%. THE costs? €55.80 from the motorway. Car load approx. €65.00, divided as follows:

  • Recharge Telepass for free (8 that is, 2 top-ups of €4.00 already made previously; 2 free as a new client app
  • 30kWh gift from Enel X Had, Enel X Flat Small subscription for €0.25.00 / 70 kWh, and another 30kWh paid at full rate.

IN CONCLUSION – “Moral, for those who say that long trips cannot be made with the electric one. sure you have to schedule them right especially when i 400km. You have to take into account the waiting times to recharge a little, but if used well, like having a coffee and going to the bathroom, it is almost nothing. Taking into account that in the summer period more or less the same time is lost queuing at dealers of highway service areas, we are almost on par. After a year and 32,000km paths, they are more than satisfied with the choice and I would hardly go back.

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