Queen Elizabeth: the news is terrible, “Without her it will not be the same”. The announcement that no one wanted to hear

The announcement that terrifies the subjects comes from Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth will no longer be there, devastating news that leaves little hope.

Queen Elizabeth

The news coming from Buckingham Palace It has left everyone speechless, the issues are crushed. In this last period, not exactly encouraging news arrives from the English royal house.

Not long ago, in early June, the Celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth IIa very important anniversary because it marked his 70 years on the throne of Englandan incredible milestone that sees it surpassed only by the Sun King Louis XIV, who reigned for 72 years.

But the news of these last few hours is a real blow to the heart for the subjects who no longer know what to think and the situation tightens more and more around the health conditions, now very precarious, of the long-lived monarch who has already been 96 years old.

Over the years we are used to receiving not too comforting news from the Royal Family, they are always at the center of media interest and there is no shortage of scoops and indiscretions.

Like the one that recently saw a deep marital crisis between the unthinkable couple William and Kate, but a source close to the two confessed that he is the prince he has very particular tastes under the sheets and that this is not very appreciated by his wife, so much so that his desires are satisfied with other people. From what they say it is a secret that everyone knows about the scope.

But all this is nothing compared to the latest news from London, a truly sad announcement has upset the kingdom and the weeping subjects dear Queen Elizabeth, in fact on social networks we read, “It won’t be the same without her.”

Words that really chill the blood, especially because, as we know, in recent months the queen has had several health problems, also linked to the fact that she has contracted Covid and this has led her major mobility problems which, combined with age, were really ‘fatal’ for her.

Queen Elizabeth

The important health problems prevented him from participating in public events that he had never missed in all the years of his reign, so it happened that a very important event, generally public and also open to the subjects, which each year marks the beginning of the War of His Majesty. Summer holidays in Scotland this year will be held behind closed doors, just because it’s become too much for the queen be able to physically withstand all this pressure.

His body now weakened by the years, it was reported, now stands up only thanks to a trusty stick and that without this it seems he can’t even take a step anymore.

In many they wait with pain for the news when he abdicated, he probably couldn’t be long, in fact in the last period many commitments were passed on to his eldest son Carlo, descendant to the throne.

Queen Elizabeth

Although it will not necessarily be a mourning, the fact that Queen Elizabeth no longer has this position it will be a heavy blow to the whole kingdombut perhaps for everyone who over the years has learned to love her, an absence that will be felt, without her nothing will ever be the same.

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