Pizza giant leaves Italy: too many debts


It was a marriage doomed to failure, the one in Italy and domino Pizza. And in the end, the American chain quietly fled the Peninsula. From where customers have never particularly appreciated the “Hawaiian” with ham and pineapple, seen more as an outrage against the local culture than as a crazy alternative to the classic Margarita pizza. The Italians preferred to continue buying variants that they had been used to for decades.

best one four cheeses than a “Cheddar Melt”, better evil of a “Pepperoni Passion” (don’t be fooled by the fake dude: pepperoni in English means spicy salami) and better one Vegetable garden of a “vegetarian”. Even if it’s not just consumer tastes that have sidetracked Italy’s Domino’s Pizza.

Why Domino’s Pizza has failed in Italy: It’s (also) the fault of the delivery

In the 2015the year of the chain’s launch in Italy with a franchise agreement signed by ePizza Spa, Domino’s Pizza aimed to offer Italian customers services innovative for the time, such as the possibility of accessing a fast delivery service on a national scale. As well as, as already mentioned, tastes in contrast to the local competition, which have differentiated the American giant from the rest of the offer.

The original plan foresaw the opening of 880 points reduction. Local pizzerias, however, also due to the Covid pandemic, have begun to deploy increasingly organized and functional delivery services, and to rely on multinationals in the sector such as Just eat, Deliveroo Y Glovo.

And therefore bring to the homes of Italians a product perceived as qualitatively to improveor in any case closer to our own concept of pizza through the use of third-party applications, simpler and more pleasant in terms of user experience than that of the chain.

Domino’s Pizza full of debts, the protection provided by the Court is over

Domino’s Pizza has not published official balance sheets but, according to 2020 balance sheets, losses in Italy amounted to €10.6 million. At the same level, the multinational invoices more than 4,000 million dollars worldwide, with a net profit of 491 million dollars and a global workforce, between internal employees and franchises, of 290,000 workers.

The Court of Milan ordered, in April, the judicial protection of 90 days by creditors. A measure that prevented banks from demanding the return of debt or acting with the seizure of assets. The measure, however, expired on July 1, the date on which the chain began to dismantle the few stores that remained on the Peninsula.

Domino’s Pizza unexpectedly closes in Italy: many comments on social networks

the latest 13 Domino’s Pizza Italian restaurants, seven years after opening, have closed. As the fans of the chain discovered, surprisingly, trying to place orders through the official website and the other delivery services. Many have flocked to the American pizza symbol’s social channels to to ask explanationsbut without receiving any response.

Thus ended the Italian chapter of the most famous pizza in the USA. Which has not managed to conquer the heart of a people that, opening themselves to the contamination of fast food and ethnic cuisine, always defends national excellence with the sword. And he doesn’t want to be taught how to make typical dishes, especially hated American people pineapple on pizza and carbonara cream.

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