One Piece, the reason behind the members of the new alliance [SPOILER]

Attention: in this article there will be numerous spoilers regarding the One Piece Wano arc and the most recently released chapters. If you don’t want to have any anticipation about it, we suggest you stop reading, so as not to ruin the narrative experience. If, on the other hand, you are even or you are not worried about spoilers, go to the following lines.

One Piece chapter 1056 has finally given usto various important information about what seems to be happening outside of Wano, and the fate some of the now former members of the Fleet of Seven are about to face after the World Government and Navy decided to do a clean sweep of all these troubled and fearful individuals.

Among the novelties of chapter 1056, there was one that generated more hype than the others, that is the announcement of the formation of a kind of “alliance” between Buggy, Mihawk and Crocodile, in what has been called “Crusader Guild”. This alliance is revealed through a page showing the three pirates in what probably symbolizes their “Jolly Roger”. But many questions have arisen behind the reasons that led to the creation of this particular collaboration, especially if you go to see how Crocodile and Mihawk, the latter also considered Shanks’ rival, are deciding to join Buggy among all possible Pirates.

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One Piece presents the new pirate alliance

The dissolution of the Fleet of Seven opened the hunt for those pirates who originally seemed to be untouchable; on the other hand, they did not sit there and watch, and three in particular decided to join forces to reverse the situation that had been established for a long time, thus placing bounties on the heads of members of the Navy.

It is natural to wonder why Buggy was chosen as leader of the “Guild” and Emperor, but we have already discussed the possible reasons in a separate article; in short, he may be the only one who can afford to put bounties on the Navy’s head, UNLESS those that arise are not rewards, but prices that perhaps the other pirates would have to pay to this fearsome alliance to ensure they get rid of certain exponents.

‘Cause let’s be real, Buggy. He is not one of those who empathize with his peers, and not even one accustomed to throwing himself into danger out of a “question of principle” or out of a willingness to help others in their time of need. He is a “sneaky” and very intelligent character, who wants to live a comfortable life and out of the hassles related to the World Government, who became incredibly rich in a very short time after being appointed. member of the Fleet of Seven. Perhaps it could be that in reality, this Guild asks for a payment to go “kill” some members of the Navy, but this remains a distant hypothesis also given the personalities of the other two members.

Focusing on Crocodile, he was one of the Fleet of Seven. for more than twenty years, and he still enjoys great strength despite everything that led to him being defeated. With his Baroque Works, he had already created a kind of high-profile criminal organization made up of more than two thousand people, and among other things, he also dealt with bounty hunting.

He therefore has I’m already familiar with that kind of “work”, and perhaps the idea of ​​participating in this Buggy initiative has awakened some of his entrepreneurial spirit (but given his evolution, it may well be that there are more reasons for his joining). Also, let’s not forget what it’s like Bon-chan to be able to act as a “mediator” between the two parties, who can also boast of the position obtained next to an Emperor.

As for instead mihawk, he has always been quite a mysterious individual as well often “impatient” of the events taking place in the world of One Piece, always deciding to move only according to one’s mood and never refraining from acting even radically if something bothered him. He himself, for example, admitted that he had come to the eastern sea just for fun.

As the Marine ships approached Kuraigana, the island where the swordsman was, the latter said that he was excited at the thought of being wanted again, and the decision to join the Cross Guild may have been motivated precisely. of the potential entertainment that would result: a sought after who seeks those who seek him. Furthermore, if the Cross Guild was in fact a guild created specifically to be paid to expel the Army, it would not be a disadvantage to participate in it.

On the other hand, neither Crocodile nor Mihawk seem to want to go to the “bother” of being the leader and representative of the Guilds: Mihawk is always he looked like a guy who stays aloneand Crocodile might prefer a paper more “in the shadows” operate with more agility and without too many problems, taking advantage of their experience in Alabasta and having managed the Baroque Works relatively secretly. In all this, it remains to be seen how the paths of these three characters “crossed”, but it will probably be a matter of time before this is explained to us.

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