New Financial Technology case, the CEO speaks: “The money? I don’t know where I am, but I reject the accusations”

“I deny all the accusations. At the moment there are no elements to say that someone has scammed anyone behind our company. But we are doing investigations.” Emanuele Giullini is one of the three partners of New Financial Technology, the company from Silea, Treviso, accused of having made tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of euros disappear from some six thousand Italian savers. Hypothetical figures, because at the moment there are no precise data. Not even Giullini has them. A lawyer in Rome decided to give us a few minutes “to clarify what is being said about the NFT. No Ponzi scheme, just press hype,” says the lawyer, who today is the sole director of the company. The other two, Christian Visentin and Mauro Rizzato would be in Dubai.

Lawyer Giullini, where is the money?

“I am doing research. At the moment it is not known why I do not have access to client wallets. We are investigating the behavior of Visentin, but at the moment I can’t say anything else.”

Do you think it was he who committed an illicit act with the savers’ money?

“I think there is some non-compliance conduct. Otherwise I would not have decided to investigate and investigate.”

But what role do you play in the New Financial Technology?

“Let us immediately clarify what I have read these days: I am not one of the co-founders. I joined later and I don’t deal with the technical part. My role was just to give the company an international legal connotation to be able to work in this sector”.

Scandal of the new financial technology, what can those who have lost their money do?

by Federico Formica

A lawyer.

“I am the legal part and now also the administrative part, in the last week I took out the Visentin because some of his behaviors were no longer tolerable.”

What behaviors?

“I repeat, there are ongoing investigations. We believe there have been anomalies in your work. But I can’t say anything else.”

And what will you do if the anomalies are confirmed?

“We will file a complaint.”

He said, did you remove Visentin and Rizzato?

“Yes, I removed them and conjured all the corporate functions for myself. I am currently the only contact person. We have to find out what Visentin has done.”

But what are you finding out? What do you fear he has done?

“The nature of what we believe he may have done I cannot say at this time. Otherwise, he would have to come up with random criminal hypotheses. As I read what the media are doing these days.

You will understand that there are groups of thousands of people who claim to have lost all their money. They are the ones who call themselves scammed.

“Look, we are the first to want to reach a certainty that will lead us to a complaint. But we can’t use terms like scam or random crime. It is not a criticism of the media. We understand that it is a striking case.”

The case

Silea’s Nft case is expanded. Savers: “Scammed with Bitcoin”. A hole of 100 million is feared

by Arcangelo Rocio

Will savers get their money back?

“They will get their money back. I have personally exposed myself for the return of the capital, which is not in doubt.”

How do you know if you don’t yet have access to company funds?

“It is true, there is no examination of the companies’ portfolios. But, I repeat, they will get their money back.”

Is Visentin in Dubai?

“He’s in Dubai.”

And if so, will you report it there?

“There we will denounce him, we have summoned him there to provide the clarifications that we believe he should give us.”

Did he give them to you?


Excuse me, but how did you manage to become a sole administrator? How did he get him out of society?

“There are also voluntary setbacks. But I don’t want to say anything else.”

New Financial Technology is a Silea company, with headquarters in London, a branch in Dubai. In the last month it has stopped paying dividends to its clients. He guaranteed them 10% of the invested capital, monthly. The money came through a set of algorithms that bought and sold cryptocurrencies on different platforms with the arbitrage scheme. 10 thousand euros the minimum amount required. Some say they have invested up to 235 thousand euros. In July, he announced that he will no longer be able to honor contracts. Since then, two of the three directors have disappeared.


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