Ladies’ Paradise 7, spoiler: this is how Countess Adelaide will recover Umberto’s heart –

Previews of Ladies’ Paradise 7 see Adelaide fiercer than ever. The countess will be ready to take revenge.

Numerous twists are expected in the new season of ladies paradise 7, which will be broadcast on Rai 1 from September 12. Numerous trailers appear that presage episodes full of novelty and suspense. The character of Countess Adelaide di Sant’Erasmo, played by actress Vanessa Gravina, has given much to talk about herself in recent days.

The icy aristocratic will have to face numerous challenges, both from a professional and sentimental point of view. In fact, the love life of the countess will be at the center of the next episodes of Paradise, because the heart cannot be ruled and the countess knows it well, since it seems that she will do everything possible to win back the love of the greedy banker. Umberto Guarneri.

During the previous season the countess had left Milan after the mysterious death of her husband and the persistent suspicions about him. Upon her return, the beloved Commander had flown into the arms of flora ravassi, throwing her into despair and with the will to win back the man she loves. From the advances of the last few weeks it seems that Adele di Sant’Erasmo will succeed in her diabolical mission…

Will Adelaide di Sant’Erasmo quench her thirst for revenge against Umberto Guarnieri?

A few weeks before the start of Paraíso de las Damas 7, the previews speak of a Adelaide of Sant’Erasmo harder than ever. The Countess is apparently thirsty for revenge after the bitter humiliation suffered by her brother-in-law Umberto Guarnieri, who after a shared life threw himself into the arms of Paradise’s young designer, Flora Ravasi, preferring her to the Countess.

Adelaide di Sant’Erasmo will try by all means to get the young seamstress out of Paradise and at the same time will target Umberto Guarnieri, thanks to the help of a new entry in the soap opera, the niece. Matilde Frigerio, played by actress Chiara Baschetti. Despite this, it seems that the goal of the Countess is to open a new breach in the heart of the Commander and who knows if she will not achieve it with her ability.

The Contessa al Paradiso will have to deal with the bourgeoisie and a new language

Also professional news for Adelaide di Sant’Erasmo, who while trying to win the heart of the Commendatore will also have to face a new professional adventure. The Countess will become a partner of Victor Conti to Paradiso and will thus be forced to leave the high aristocratic salons to mingle with the petty and middle bourgeoisie.

A new world and a new adventure that will confront her with the difficulties of the business and corporate world, much more concrete than the daily occupations to which the nobleman was accustomed. In fact, it is said that the countess will not find a good ally in Vittorio Conti. A bitter rivalry will begin between the two that will bring a climate of cold war and unexpected tensions to Paradise.

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