Kate, Meghan’s revenge: stellar figures after Megxit

Kate e il successo dopo la Megxit senza Meghan

Kate Middleton and Meghan MarkleConsider it a bit like holy water and the devil in the UK. And certainly the reasons are self-explanatory. The first is the perfect future Queen, always at the side of her husband William and in the graces of Elizabeth II who readily accepted her almost immediately. Never exaggerated, yes, with that touch of breaking with the past that the subjects like. So much so that her popularity rating in the UK is skyrocketing.

The second is the one that caused a deep fracture in the Royal Family, seen by many as a disturbing element. Megxit hit the monarchy like a hurricane British, resulting in Prince Harry being permanently removed from the Palace and from his royal duties. It’s no secret that he didn’t attract the sympathies of most subjects, as do the now seemingly irreparable disagreements with Kate and William.

Now for the Duchess of Cambridge the Moment of revenge on Meghan, if ever there was a need. According to the tabloids, in reality, everything would be played on greedy figures themselves who, from Megxit, have multiplied to become stellar.

Kate Middleton’s revenge against Meghan is worth millions of pounds

When you join a family like the Windsors, it’s impossible to escape from homework. Everything is a succession of institutional commitments and representative trips, with special attention to solidarity activities, which are on the Royal House’s agenda. That is why Kate Middleton, along with her husband William, immediately contributed to the activities of management and promotion of the Royal Foundation, which actually included Meghan and Harry. Right here apparently one of the first disagreements between the couple and the Crown took place: the Sussexes had preferred to found their own institution to work independently, then they were forced to “suppress” it.

Kate has always stayed true to her royal duties and Today it collects more than leafy fruits. Despite the unhappy period marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, the charity he is working on with Prince William has achieved unprecedented results. From the Earthshot Prize Awards to the United for Wildlife project, all of his ideas have helped exponentially multiply the profits they raised, reaching a staggering figure of over 20 million pounds.

The data offers a panorama with a bitter aftertaste. It seems that in fact this huge success was facilitated by Megxit. In essence, precisely because Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who moved to California and lost their royal titles, no longer had “royal affairs” in their hands and the monopoly of the projects remained in the hands of William and Kate .

Meghan and Harry, the projects after Megxit

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now so estranged from the Royal Family that it’s hard to imagine a real chance of reconciliation. There were many expectations about the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, who saw them participate in the celebrations but in a practically hidden way. They were like “presences” that haunted the palace, never receiving any kind of enthusiasm or welcome from the rest of the family. It is not that in that sense the “blackmail” of the escort in the United Kingdom has benefited them, which it certainly has. hated by subjects.

Much has been said and said about them, but in reality it seems that the couple is stronger than ever as is also shown by their gestures and looks. United by a deep feeling (despite the constant rumors about a possible divorce) but also by the will to do good, which they never abandoned even after Megxit and the departure of the Royal Foundation. With the Archewell Foundation have reached numerous milestones and in the last one they have been assigned a prestigious award for defending Afghan refugees and for providing “generous financial support” to the Human First Coalition.

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