Jovanotti responds to Mario Tozzi: “I have nothing to regret.” And he presses: “The econazis are dangerous mythomaniacs”-Il Fatto Quotidiano

“Make of jova beach party an ecological objective is simply absurd, because the truth is that we are the largest environmental initiative ever carried out in Italy“. Jovanotti is “unleashed” the one who responds to the open letter of the science communicator mario tozziPublished in The impression: the singer responds through the same newspaper, responds point by point to the observations of the geologist and the haters who have been attacking him for weeks due to the environmental impact of jova beach party openly says “I have nothing to regret”.

JOVANOTTI ANSWERS MARIO TOZZI’S LETTER – Jovanotti’s letter begins with a clear position on the definition of “Econazis” that the singer used a few days ago against those environmentalists who harassed him. He not only does not back down but he reclaims it by defining them”dangerous myths that violently polarize the great question of ecology within small personal brands that are not accredited if not by themselves and by the random likes corrected. I called them econazis because they are, that idea of ​​absolute purity that is pursued at all costs is spreading in their posts (which are a new type of weapon) and in their direct and indirect squad threats. Then, addressing Mario Tozzi directly, he writes: “I have been following his work as a scientist and disseminator for a long time and I remember when in 2019 you defended our beach parties, so I don’t understand what has changed in the meantime.” As for the collaboration with WWF, he explains that it started in 2019 and that in this edition things have been made even better. “I don’t have specific skills, they have some.”

THE PROTOCOLS IMPLEMENTED AT LA JOVA BEACH PARTY – Jovanotti is a river in flood and lists the activities implemented to limit the environmental impact, always in collaboration with the national WWF that “coordinated a team of technicians and experts, surveyed each square meter and evaluated all the issues because everything was always carried out “. in areas without ecological criticality of any kind“. The singer reveals that the work lasted a whole year and served to “study and then apply all possible solutions in terms of waste collection, disposal of non-compostable materials, preventive and post-event cleaning, including sound frequencies, attention to details, public involvement in sustainability issues, compliance with legal regulations. I really, from what I have been able to verify and trusting experienced people who support us in this adventure, I have nothing to regret”. That is why, according to the pop star, the JBP is “the largest initiative that speaks about the environment ever made in Italy” and then reveals that a cleaning and ecological restoration project is ready for 20 million square meters of environments at risk. in the country. “You have to burn me in the square so that I stop supporting what I tell you: our parties are beautiful and well done.”

THE RESPONSE TO THE BEACH SCRAPERS AND THE DEFENSE OF THE TURTLES – To Mario Tozzi, who had stressed that from his point of view it was not “one of the best ideas to go with bulldozers before the event or to impose a mega-stage of that size”, Jovanotti responds, explaining that the beaches chosen for the JBP “are places urbanized, they are areas where bulldozers pass almost every morning from May to October even without JovaBeach. We also take good care of them and when we leave they are better than how we found them.” And he adds regarding the criticism about the presence of animal species that nest on the coast: “We never go, not once, to places where there is the possibility of nesting of the refectory or the presence of caretta caretta or other protected species. animal or plant species. I care about little brother, I think I am one of the three Italians who knew of its existence before 2019 when we bring it to the headlines.” He is also categorical on the subject of the dunes and cites data from the WWF: “The natural dunes of the beaches where we play have not existed for decades and many times they never existed, and before the construction of the artificial breakwaters there was not even sand: there was The Lido di Fermo beach is no longer “natural” than Hyde Park or the San Siro meadow”.

THE FRONTAL ATTACK ON THE ECONAZISTS – The end of the letter published by La Stampa is a frontal attack on the ecologists-fundamentalists that Jovanotti reveals that he has invited to concerts to observe with his own eyes what is happening. And he also gets angry with Mario Tozzi: “None of those who criticize us have ever seen what we do, not even you, We should at least see what happens in a day.” Then he makes more serious accusations: “They make photomontages, they publish old photos that have nothing to do with us, they speak randomly, they create some prejudices and they randomly spit poison, contaminating a huge topic that needs inclusion, seriousness, study, clarity. ”. , interest, real motivation, enthusiasm for the possible future”. Finally comes the relaxing invitation to the geologist: “You Prof Tozzi are serious, you are someone who knows things and also knows how to communicate them, I invite you to see for yourself what we dowherever you want, I also offer you fresh fruit in compostable containers, or a beer at sunset if you want”.

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