Jova Beach Party, remains controversial: “In Roccella you will dance on the caretta caretta nests, razed by your bulldozers”. Mario Tozzi on the attack: “Dear Lorenzo, this time you’re wrong.” – Daily data

The controversy and debate on the sustainability of the Jova beach party. Although the environmental movements have been protesting against the tour for weeks and continue to attack Jovanotti even fiercely, he entered the discussion with a straight leg. mario tozzi, Television broadcaster and geologist and researcher of the CNR. the driver of Sapiens – A planetthe program broadcast on Rai3, has written a long open letter to the singer published on The impressionin which he analyzes the question point by point, with a fundamental premise: “There is no indication of bias in my analysis.“.

MARIO TOZZI AND THE ANALYSIS ON LA JOVA BEACH PARTY – Mario Tozzi begins by explaining that according to him it is important to combine music, culture and nature, but always paying attention to the impact of man. “The problem is not in the demonstration itself but in the impacts which, as you can clearly see in the JBP photos from above, are disruptive, simply because of the number of people involved. One account is for 100 people, another for 50 thousand», observes the disseminator, who adds the data related to a CNR study carried out on the beaches of the National Park of the Maddalena archipelago. “Every swimmer who spends a day at the beach takes with them, whether they like it or not, from 50 to 100 grams of beach. The study was developed for the famous Budelli beach, which was systematically looted of its pink sands and whose access was closed precisely because 10 bathers carried -without realizing it- at least a kilo of sand a day. Multiply this figure by your 10,000 or 50,000 people and see what mountain of sand you get, not to mention that you dance and shake, adding erosion to erosion.

THE GEOLOGIST AGAINST THE SCREWS ON THE BEACHES AND THE MEGA SCENARIO – The geologist then goes on to put other figures on the plate for discussion, those relating to the cancellation of the dunes and the increasingly low percentages of Italian coasts free of settlements. And speaking of the coasts he writes: “They are a heritage that we take for granted but that is being lost without us realizing it. It does not seem to me one of the best ideas to sweep before the event or impose a mega stage of that size, with all the temporary but heavy work that it requires.” Another key step then refers to the compensation works, on which Jovanotti has largely focused on the launch of the Jova Beach Party and which, according to Tozzi, are relatively useful: “Only resilient ecosystems resist impacts and in Italy are in the end, especially long the coasts It is true that WWF has guaranteed the mitigation of the impacts – since both municipalities would have authorized the events anyway – but as a member of the scientific council I must reveal to you that, together with others, had pointed out my perplexities“.

ECO-NAZIS AND ADVICE TO JOVANOTTI – Tozzi then minced the response to Jovanotti’s outburst, which he had called “eco-Nazis” many of those environmentalists who viciously attacked him step by step. “Each of us makes perfect mistakes on his own and I know where I can put it, but really do not think that there is a combat patrol of eco-Nazis, as you called them, who wants to destroy your initiative out of social envy», observes the geologist. “Although there are extreme voices, there are also others, veteran environmentalists like myself, who study the environment from a scientific point of view and who have seen enough to suggest that you abandon this project and reshape it by tying it to reality.” environmental compensation initiatives.

THE DISPUTE OVER THE CARETTA CARETTA TURTLES – Among the environmental compensation works suggested by Tozzi there is also “the defense of the avifauna and sea turtles” and it is precisely with respect to the latter that vitriolic publications and comments have been raised on social networks, even in these hours. “In Roccella you will dance where caretta caretta nests have been found, on a beach that, before your bulldozers razed it, he never sees bulldozers because in an area outside the urban perimeter where the dune flora was thriving and maybe some fratino huddled together, “wrote one rather angry user. Following these comments, Tozzi concludes his open letter as follows: “Could you tell me ‘who cares about the plover or the sea turtles?’ but you would make a mistake. In this world there is a place for the mosquito and another for the bat, another for the little brother and another for the jellyfish. Only we, the sapiens, take the place of everyone else, dominant and invasive as we are. We do not realize that, if a species becomes extinct, the effect is domino and sooner or later the others also become extinct (…) I say goodbye in the hope that my words serve at least for a rethinking and a discussion that he is not hostile and even serene”.

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