Jova Beach Party, new storm: Jovanotti against the econazis

Jovanotti, new storm

The controversies related to the jova beach party, Jovanotti’s great journey through the beaches of many Italian towns. The singer, on social networks and beyond, has been the subject of several accusations by environmentalists who are concerned about the environmental impact, according to them negative, of the various concerts on the beaches that host them.

Storm Jova Beach Party: Jovanotti’s replica

After the storm that broke out in Marina di Ravenna, a town in Romagna where a 65-meter row of tamarisk trees was felled for a Jova Beach Party stage, Professor mario tozzigeologist and scientific communicator, wrote a letter addressed to Jovanotti, published in the newspaper La Stampa, in which he assures that the concerts of 50,000 people are not sustainable by any natural system.

the replica of lorenzo cherubinione of the most followed stars on Twitter in Italy, was not long in coming: the singer, through his official Facebook page, responded to the letter from the geologist Mario Tozzi.

“Dear Professor Tozzi, I have called ‘econazis’ those dangerous myths that violently polarize the great question of ecology within small personal brands that are only accredited for themselves and for tastes that they have randomly corrected. They have nothing to do with ecology, on the contrary, by polarizing the ongoing discussion, they make any progress impossible and do not deserve any response. None of them have ever come to see what we do, not even disguised as an umbrella.”

“I have been following your work as a scientist and popularizer for a long time – Jovanotti writes, addressing Professor Tozzi directly – and I remember when in 2019 you defended our beach parties, so I don’t understand what has changed in the meantime. Just as in 2019 everything was done well in collaboration with the WWF, even better. We have all the permits of the competent local, regional and national authorities. A long work of monitoring and investigation by the WWF national team that coordinated a team of technicians and experts, surveyed every square meter and evaluated all the issues so that everything always took place in areas without ecological criticality of any kind.

“Not even one of the investigations carried out to verify if there was any truth in the accusations of some environmental activists found anything illegal or critical of any kind – Jovanotti observes -. I am well aware that no clarification or proven evidence will scratch the superficial arrogance and arrogance of those who use the environmental issue to put on airs. The truth and the possibility of progress worry me deep down, like you and the vast majority of people attentive to the facts, as well as the many who participate in our parties ” .

In the lengthy post posted on Facebook, Jovanotti He also invited Professor Mario Tozzi to see for himself what is happening on the stages of the Jova Beach Party, one of the most anticipated musical events in Italy in 2022: “You, Professor Tozzi, are serious, you are someone who knows things and also knows how to communicate them, I invite you to see for yourself what we do, wherever you want, I also offer you fresh fruit in compostable containers, or a beer at sunset if you want”.

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