Flights, stopover at Ryanair super discounts for expensive energy: you will no longer be able to fly with less than ten euros

August 11, 2022 5:24 PM

CEO Michael O’Learny announcement: “Due to inflation, our average fee will increase from €40 to €50”

In O’Learny’s words, this is not a transitory phenomenon: in a broader speech on inflation, the CEO explained that

the low-cost sector

– that it will resist because people will continue to fly “frequently” – it is and inevitably will be

affected by oil hikes


In practice, for now, they will come

removed all “super discounted promotional rates”

that is, that he understood

between 0.99 and 9.99 euros

. These, O’Learny said, certainly “won’t be seen for several years.” However, Ryanair will continue to have “millions of seats at €19.99, €24.99 and €29.99”.

For their part, the company’s cabin crew have announced that they will join the

new strikes

organized by the Spanish unions Uso and Sitcpla. What determines the discontent of the workers would be the refusal of the company to negotiate

a new collective agreement


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