FIFA 23, FUT Looks Like Fantasy Football This Year: Goodbye Old Understanding

FIFA Ultimate Team changes radically compared to the last edition: this is how the Entente and the change of position will work in FIFA 23.

In recent weeks we have substantially delved into all the news planned for fifa23, the next chapter in the EA Sports series that will mark the end of the long relationship between the Californian house and the world soccer government. Finally, the Career mode, with which to make history in the shoes of coaches like Conte and Guardiola, and Pro Club and Volta that, although apparently harmless, have raised controversy due to the lack of cross-play.

The icing on the cake, in this context, could only be FUT, the main modality, at least in terms of monetization, of the sports series. FIFA Ultimate Team this year will be a true revolution in many ways, bringing back the idea of ​​fantasy football on a global scale, a celebration of the beauty of the sport from a true final year of school, instead of the rigid and regimented structure of past editions. .

Goodbye “link” in FIFA 23 –

As Azlan Mustapha, Associate Producer, explained during a closed-door presentation, EA’s approach to FIFA 23 was so-called “Chemistry Redefined,” which is a completely new concept for the Agreement parameter it has regulated so far. the mode of operation. The developers have get rid of connections between players defined on the basis of adjacent positions: Team, League and Nationality remain to forge links between players, but starting this year these links will be established across the board, regardless of roles. A TS and a TD will be able to build Understanding even if they are on opposite sides of the defense, as the latter now comes from all eleven players (plus the coach), and not from the layout on the field.

The Entente on the threshold –

The most appropriate example is the one referred to Robertson and Alexander-Arnold: the understanding between Liverpool’s iconic duo did not contribute to the in-game understanding in the old system as, being so far down the pitch, FUT did not recognize it. Similar cases will never be repeated: each player will be able to contribute three possible Intesa points -accumulated based on relationships with any teammate on the field- to a series of bars with three thresholds to overcome (one from Liverpool, another from PSG, one from Real Madrid, one from England, one from Brazil…) which, cumulatively, will define the team’s agreement.

fifa 23

Having a Liverpool player, you can think of bringing another and thus win one of the three possible understanding points needed for the Liverpool threshold; with another player, in addition to these two, it is possible to complete the threshold of the Premier League in the Team Agreement, as long as the new signing plays in the English league (remember, anywhere on the pitch, no longer in a position adjacent to other militants in the Premier).

Free all –

In the demo shown to us, we were able to see Vinicius Jr. play together on the left, Salah on the right and Mbappé pointsall with the maximum agreement even if they do not play together or in the same league: the idea, as Mustapha acknowledges, is to “get all your favorite players together” this year, and it is very different from building an ideal team for a given scenario, which could having been that of a Serie A or a Spanish League, until FIFA 22.

In order to free everyone, EA Sports has seen fit to make some adjustments to the way in which the position of a soccer player is changed. Players will now be able to have secondary stances, and these will be activated via a dedicated stance change card. Unlike previous years, the change of position will be a single valid item for each role, as long as that role is available in a player’s position roster. The objective is to present more realistic teams and avoid, if possible, the spam of nonsense like Messi in the midfield typical of the second half of the season.

Icons, Heroes and a market –

Icons and heroes will in turn be affected by the new Entente mechanics, which will have a greater impact on reaching thresholds than, as has happened in the past, alienating users. As long as they are deployed in the correct position, they will have maximum Entente; Icons will count as two players for their nation in terms of Understanding, while Heroes will count as two players for their home league. The final roster of Icons and Heroes will be “more than doubled”, assures EA Sports, and at the moment there are confirmations for the arrival of Park Ji Sung, Ricardo Carvalho and Yaya Toure as part of the pre-order offer.

Beyond the initiatives related to the winter World Cup, confirmed but of which we still know very little, the market will receive a big shock this year, embracing the predictable dynamics of a cross-play context. Cards available for auction and direct sales will flow into a single port between PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Stadia, while PC and Switch will remain outside of the ad hoc markets. This is slightly different from cross-platform play, to be honest, where we’ll instead see PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Stadia, and PC playing together, thanks to similar technical setups (but only in 1v1, also in FUT).

Magic moments –

One last change is dictated by the modality FUT Moments, a kind of single-player campaign where you relive specific scenarios “written” by hand by the development team for rewards. By playing in this mode, you will not directly earn credits to spend in FIFA Ultimate Team, but rather stars, which will be redeemed in a special store in exchange for FUT packs selected by EA Sports.

fifa 23

There will be thematic campaignsAn example of this is Kylian Mbappé’s career sifted into several detailed sections, such as the beginnings in which he had to complete certain steps in just eight minutes in the opening match; Visually, the mode will be quite familiar, mirroring the interface adopted several years ago for Il Viaggio and reused on other occasions more recently. Staying on the visual theme, even customizable stadiums have received more attention this year, with the introduction, among other special items, of animated banners to place in the stands.

FIFA 23, FUT: the verdict (for now) –

If the game itself seemed to take a year to perfect all the technical innovations proposed in the last two years, FUT is the modality that, above all, has undergone radical and, in a certain sense, surprising changes. Let it be an experiment a more libertarian interpretation EA Sports FC’s internal economy from next year or so is not disclosed to us, but surely FIFA 23’s Fantasy Football-style approach should ensure a lot of fun for Ultimate Team fans and, perhaps, bring fans together. that they had grown tired of the usual early-campaign grinding. FIFA 23 is out on September 30 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and Switch, with three-day early access for Ultimate Edition pre-orders. Only then will we be able to see first-hand the results of Electronic Arts’, at least apparently, more accessible policy for this year’s chapter.

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