Fear for Ida Platano: “In the emergency room due to a strong migraine”

August 11, 2022 10:17

It was a bad day for the lady from ‘Men and Women’ who, due to a severe headache, had to resort to hospital treatment

Platano is a very loved and followed character in the “Men and Women” universe. His story with Riccardo Guarnieri was one of the most loved in the context of the throne.

After an unusual social silence on Thursday, he made a report from the hospital writing “Hello my beautiful. I wanted to tell you that I have not left, I am not so well… It will pass. I’ll be back soon.” , a hug “. Words that somehow alarmed her followers even more (almost 600 thousand on Instagram). However, after a few hours, Ida herself thought to reassure them.

“Thanks for all the messages. I didn’t mean to worry you – she said although looking very tired -. I’m better now. It all started with some very bad migraines that I had never had and, from there, my doctor gave me “They told me to go to the ER”. Later she did another story confirming that she felt better and ready to start the next day with the usual routine .

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