Diletta Leotta, first social photo with Giacomo and in the vacation group there is also Elodie

August 11, 2022 9:35 a.m.

All for a friend’s birthday in Puglia between dances, music and lots of fun.

Since last winter, Diletta Leotta and Giacomo Cavalli have been dating. First they were paparazzi in the mountains with friends, then recently in Menorca and finally on the beautiful radio host’s balcony in Milan. The two have never been unbalanced and have never posted couple moments and have never confirmed the relationship. Now Diletta finally comes to light with the model of her heart during a party, flooded with joy and love.

Giacomo Cavalli is two years younger than Diletta (he is 28, she is 30), he is the son of the sailor Beppe from whom he inherited his passion for the sea, he is a model by profession and has walked for the biggest fashion brands. . The couple has been together since last winter, after the stormy love story between Leotta and Can Yaman ended. The Turkish actor and the presenter seemed to be one step away from living together and getting married, but their relationship was abruptly interrupted. Since then Diletta has preferred to live her love life away from the spotlight.

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