Cryptocurrencies towards the first Italian crack. Investors on the hunt for missing brokers: “Now they must be afraid”

TREVISO – Fear and anger. As much as to invoke the “headhunters” against the three partners of the New Financial Technology Ltd, the Italian-English company, founded in Silea, at the center of the case about the alleged cryptocurrency scam. And track down your family members to find out what happened to your money. Among investors there are those who do not sleep at night, obsessed with the nightmare of losing their life savings and those who would be willing to use the hard way to recover the invested capital.
The threats and vitriolic outbursts bounce off one of the Telegram channels created in recent days to compact the front of investors. “I’m about to lock them in a dark alley and tie them up to their wallets and get them out of the c…” writes one of the most angry. “They should tremble because a million would be enough to celebrate them, recover the rest and return it to all the victims. And like me there will be many “headhunters” available to solve them. They cannot be hidden all their lives, ”adds another member, about the wave of bile for what had been passed off as a safe investment and that now risks leaving it on the pavement.

These are anxious days for the hundreds of investors who had relied on the attractive proposal of the company, founded by the three Treviseños. Christian Visentin, Mauro Rizzato and the lawyer Christian Giullini. One’s promise 10% monthly rent the investments made were tempting for many and until recently everything seemed to be going smoothly. Then the earthquake came in the form of an email, which spread panic: the company has blocked life annuities “due to internal problems”. The more time passes, the more the fear grows that the money invested will be lost forever. Despite the (rather vague) guarantees received in recent days by Giullini, the company’s legal representative. The only one left to put a face on, assuring that they will return the capital: if his words are sincere or not, it will be the investigations that clarify.

The photos of the shareholders have also appeared on the channel: the most objective is Visentin, who has always dealt with the technical part of the company, that is, the management of investment software, funds and wallets. No trace of him: many customers who were looking for him without getting an answer. To the point that someone tried to pressure his family. “Someone contacted Visentin’s wife and she told him that threatening her was not a good idea – we read in the chat – that she did not know anything, that she is in Italy and that her cell phone is controlled by the Dubai police” . According to Giullini, Visentin would be there, ready to “initiate legal action” against the shareholder for a series of “alleged anomalies” that would have caused a “lightening” of the company’s cash flow. Meanwhile, video calls between the company and investor groups continue amid uncertainty and misgivings. Those who claim to have spoken with Giullini are bombarded with questions. One above all: “When are we going to get our money back?” Yes, because that is the objective of the group of investors: only 200 cases from Treviso that have arisen so far, more than 700 those from all over Italy and also from abroad who are joining together to take joint action against the company. In the chats the climate is quite tense: there are those who claim to be harassed by supposed brokers who make them proposals for other investments.

The motto is to team up: “We ask everyone for calm, confidence and help.” And the advice is to avoid proposing actions in parallel to what you are trying to do together “so as not to disperse energies any more.” The group of investors is in contact with the Treviso Consumer Protection Association and the Association of Victims of International Financial Scams (Afue). The Citizen Defense Movement is also taking the case with the lawyer Matteo Moschini. The turmoil had begun in recent days when customers received a communication from the company via email: internal problems were announced in the email and the intention to return the paid capital with a payment plan to be evaluated in the coming days. No more rentals, therefore. That was enough to trigger a panic.

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