Chipped windshield, do not waste your money in the workshop: you can fix it with this zero cost trick

When you have a chipped windshield, don’t immediately run to the body shop in fear, don’t waste money, there are very cheap solutions.

chipped windshield
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A chipped windshield Is one of most annoying damage it’s more expensive that they can have. glass can break by many reasons, perhaps because something falls on him, like the weight of the snow. Another atmospheric agent, which harms it’s definitely hail, which is real drama for motorists. although there are solutions to use, without spending too much moneyand makes us fix the damagein autonomously. Let’s find out this practice together, so from don’t despair too much about what happened.

The method to repair the damage without spending much

when you choose repair the damage in autonomouslywill need specific materialsWhat will we see during the Explanation For him do it yourself repair. The first thing to do is clean the surfacewith an ultra-degreasing window cleaner, at a distance of 20 centimeters. Once done, wipe with a clean cloth, to dry the glass. Now take the repair kit what did you buy, ed use the applicator, placing it in such a way that it holdson the glass, using the Fools of this tool. There central part ofapplicatormust be positioned about him chipped.

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Follow this method to repair this damage –

Now that you’ve inserted the tool, use your screw to do so. to work about him glass seal. After that, you have to pour a few drops of resinafter start pressure pinto do absorb the material to chipped. once the the substance was absorbed, remove the applicatorY remove all air debris. Now back to the part damageand put the transparent filmwhat they had given you with him Equipment. Insert into the movie again a few drops of resinand put the glass in the sun for five minutes. Once done, remove the resin with a tool that don’t scratch the glassand the the game will be done.

When the damage is too great

East methodby don’t waste moneyof course it can be used when the the damage is small. The estimate made to use the repair just seen, tells us that the damage can be repaireditself is of size of a two euro coin. If he the damage is greaterso heonly solution will be the one of go to the body shop. the cost there will be a lot talland it will depend onoperation to be done. A repair it can cost us 80 euroswhile the replacement of glass, it will cost us around 400 euros.

body shop repairs windows
When the damage is too great, the only solution is to go to the body shop –

Needed fortune therefore, to use the do it yourself method. the solutions protection doesn’t really existunless you do have a garage where to park the car, when we don’t need it. In other cases, the the risk of damaging the glass is high, as mentioned, there are atmospheric conditions, but not only. Throw an object in the glass, there too will it cost to replace. Also try to be included in yours. insurance policiesof damage acknowledgmentswhat can do it for you substitutewithout too many worries.

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