Charlene from Monaco, Alberto on vacation with his children. Next to her is another

Charlene di Monaco

There are some absences that weigh like boulders, especially if you are a crowned head and your life has always been in the spotlight. Prince Albert is spending the holidays in corsica, with her children Gabriella and Jacques, but not even the shadow of Charlene. The distance from the Princess has certainly not gone unnoticed, enough to immediately revive rumors of a marital crisis.

Prince Albert on vacation with his children: there is no trace of Charlene

Vacation time for royalty: Albert of Monaco has also moved away from the Principality and is spending a few days relaxing and having fun in Galéria, Corsica, with the twins Gabriella and Jacques. The Prince was photographed by the weekly Who on his yacht GabJac (a name that bears the initials of his children), while playing and taking care of his children.

It draws particular attention the presence of a woman with alberto: She is obviously the nanny of the princes, who followed the Royal Family on these vacation days. No doubt to cause more stir is the distance by Charlene of Monaco, a great absence which immediately spread the rumors of crisis between the two and that not even the last public appearances of the couple have managed to dissipate.

That’s it, while Charlene and Alberto have decided to spend their vacations separately, gossip can’t calm down: It is not clear if the princess is still being judged for the disease or if there really is a specific will behind this decision.

Charlene de Monaco increasingly distant from Albert

Charlene had appeared at the Red Cross Gala radiant with her husband Albertosmiling like he hadn’t been in a long time, and in great shape. The Princess went to great lengths to dispel long-circulating rumors about her marriage, including a public statement: “It is unfortunate that certain newspapers sell such untruths about my relationship, about my life. Alberto was very supportive, we talked together about these malicious articles and he went out of his way to protect me and our children.”

However, Wittstock’s words have certainly not quelled the rumours, so much so that there was talk of a 12 million euros a year to attend official events with her husband. In fact, there are very few occasions in which the Princess was seen with Alberto, and it was only a matter of institutional commitments. On these occasions, however, Charlene appeared particularly smiling, so much so that this “rediscovered serenity” seemed almost suspicious in the eyes of royal observers.

There are those who argue that Wittstock would be tired of the constant restrictions and impositions of the Prince and that I would start doing what I want, “Without worrying about protocol and her husband’s instructions.” Probably, the absence of family vacations would also be part of this rebellion, a plan to get further and further away from Alberto. In fact, the hypothesis that the Princess is still weakened by the disease is not convincing, even more so the royal experts are sure of the opposite: that the divorce between Alberto and Charlène is really “imminent”.

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