Beautiful: Bill, Quinn and Liam, what else can we learn about them?

Bill Spencer / Beautiful

It happens that the actors of Handsome express wishes for future plots of their alter egos in the telenovela and three performers who have recently launched proposals for hypothetical plots about their characters are no exception: they are key names in the last decade of entertainment, whose past, without However, it is still carte blanche today. We know very little about what their background was before they arrived on the scene and could represent a source of countless ideas. We are talking about Rena Soffer (Quin Forrester), Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer) and don diamond (Bill Spencer).

Bill, Quinn and Liam / Beautiful
Bill, Quinn and Liam / Beautiful

Rena Sofer (Quinn)

Let’s start with the ladies: interviewed by Summary of soap operasRena Sofer revealed that she originally wanted to turn down the role of Quinn:

I turned down the role because I didn’t think there was anything interesting about it, it seemed like one of those situations where they tell you “We need someone to come play Wyatt’s mom, design jewelry, and be a single mom.“But then Brad Bell told me that they would come up with something and it was wonderful. What I like is that it was a bit of my own creation, not done by someone else. I was free to be creative, to do it the way I wanted.

This year is the Beautiful actress’s ninth birthday and we still know very little about Quinn: she had a terrible childhood because of a mother she hated, she had an eccentric aunt who threw special parties, she got pregnant at seventeen . At that point, Bill offered her some money to get her an abortion, but she took the money and moved to Las Vegas.

with the input of Shauna Fulton We learned a bit more about Quinn: They’ve been great friends, raised their kids on their own, but at one point, Quinn ran away one night, taking Wyatt with her to escape something that went wrong at her jewelry business. And it is precisely here where the actress gave free rein to her imagination:

I would love to write a story about the reason for that leak, I even tried to give some suggestions when Shauna Fulton was on the scene. Perhaps someone could have followed them to Los Angeles? Or maybe looking for Quinn and Wyatt for some business gone wrong, like selling fake gems. Or they could find the matter of the death of Ricardo Montemayor, that gemstone dealer who owned the Hope diamond.

If recalled, Ricardo died under unclear circumstances but, although it was left with the impression that Quinn could be responsible for it, there was no follow-up or insight:

Perhaps Quinn could have killed him using some poisonous substance released from gemstones…

In any case, Rena Sofer expressed the desire to work with denise richards (Shauna Fulton), currently being considered out of the soap opera.

It was unusual for a character to not have any friends, not even one, so it was nice to play a long-standing friendship.

Scott CliftonLiam

The past is also a source of ideas for his two colleagues Scott Clifton and Don Diamont, always questioned about it by the magazine. Liam’s interpreter remembered a detail about his alter ego: at the time of his arrival on the scene, he carried the surname “Cooper”, which his mother had acquired through marriage. The young man, in fact, had said that he had had a stepfather whom he loved very much. It would be nice if the actor brought this man on stage, for him to understand who he was and why he walked out of his stepson’s life.

Don Diamante (Bill)

Finally, Don Diamont returned to a subject that has always remained unresolved for his Bill, despite having been in the soap opera for almost fourteen years: his mother. We know very little about the editor’s past: his father entered his life only at a certain moment (and in fact at the beginning of the soap opera, Bill Spencer Sr had never mentioned a son) without ever establishing an affective relationship despite having inherited the business, turning it into a global company. The identity of the woman who brought him into the world remains a mystery and has never been mentioned in depth: sooner or later we will have to deal with the arrival of Bill’s mother?

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