“A deep love.” Olivia Newton-John, the praise of her husband on Instagram

Olivia Newton-John e John Easterling nel 2009

the disappearance of Olivia Newton-John shocked the entire world, with messages of condolence coming not only from fans and ordinary people, but also from all the most famous faces in international show business. But surely, the most beautiful and painful farewell was that of the husband of the actress and singer, John Paschalwho wrote a touching praise on your Instagram profile. Meanwhile, the state funeral has been confirmed.

Olivia Newton-John: the last moving message from her husband

The story of Olivia Newton-John and her 30-year battle with cancer has left a deep mark on the lives of many, who have paid tribute to the movie star in recent days. the protagonist of Fatwho was an actress, singer and dancer and did much more besides the movie that made her famous, was very loved, but the best memory is found in the words of her husbandJohn Easterling.

“Our love for each other transcends our understanding,” the man wrote on Instagram. “Every day we express our gratitude for this love, which was so deep, so real, so natural. We never had to work on it. We were amazed by this great mystery and we accepted the experience of our love in the past, present and forever”. Words full of emotion, that describe a pure, genuine relationship, that has not feared the passing of the years, nor the inexorable fate from Olivia.

“In her deepest essence, Olivia was a healer, using her means of song, of words, of touch. She was the bravest woman I’ve ever met. His ability to sincerely care for people, nature and all creatures almost dwarfs what is humanly possible. In his darkest moments he always had the wit, humor and willpower to bring things to light.“. A portrait of a special person, who has never been defeated by his illness, on the contrary, he has used his energies to help others.

“Even now as her soul flies, the pain and holes in my heart heal with the joy of her love and the light that shines forth.”

The last publication of the actress on Facebook, which dates from a few days before her death, was dedicated to her husband, with a photo of the couple embracing.

John Easterling and Olivia Newton-John they were married in Peru, with the Inca rite in 2008, and the man has always been by his side in this tough battle for the past 14 years. In addition, together they founded the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund, a foundation committed to researching medicinal plants useful in cancer treatments. In fact, even on the occasion of his death, the family asked for donations for research in lieu of flowers.

The pain of daughter Chloe

Olivia Newton-John has been married twice, and from her first marriage in 1984 to Matt Lattanzi, an actor and dancer who was only 20 years old, the only daughter was born, pink chloein 1986. The girl followed in the footsteps of her parents in show business, and together with Olivia she recorded the duet last year. window in the wall.

Now the pain tears through Chloe, who for the moment has chosen not to make any statements about her mother’s disappearance, relying only on a post full of photos and beautiful memories, without finding the strength to say goodbye.

olivia state funeral

Such condolences throughout Australia are such that the Premier of the state of Victoria, Dan Andrews, has proposed to me state funeralan idea that was adopted by the family of Olivia Newton-John.

It will be a tribute concert more than a classic funeral”Let the organizers know. No date has been announced for now, but private funerals for the family are supposed to follow. Born in England, she had found her second home in Australia.

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