Who: “Ilary Blasi was betrayed by her friend Emanuele, he deceived her. Francesco Totti is surrounded by temptresses, but until the end he pretended that nothing happened” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Not a day goes by without the saga of separation between Totti and Blasi be enriched with new tasty details. The protagonists had asked to avoid speculation and respect the confidentiality of the family, but everywhere there are statements from friends (or presumed) and reconstructions about the last months of the marriage between the former soccer player and the presenter of the Isola dei Famosi. . After yesterday’s scoop Corriere della Seranot yet denied, which denounces the rumors about the alleged Naomi Bocchi’s pregnancythe weekly Who takes stock of vacations and “Double play” by Emanuele, historical friend of Blasi who would not have told him the whole truth about Bocchi. Speaking of which, the former competitor of the vip big brother Thomas Eletti.

ILARY BLASI AND THE “BETRAYAL” OF HIS DEAR FRIEND EMANUELE – While Ilary Blasi is spending the holidays with some friends in the Dolomites, Francesco Totti is in Sabaudia with his children and the weekly Who confirm the rumors about Noemí Bocchi, who settled in San Felice Circeo, a sixteen minute drive from Pupone. And right in San Felice Circeo el Bocchi, chased by the paparazzi, was pinched with a familiar face in the former couple’s circle of friends, Emanueleuntil very recently one of blasi’s best friends (They have known each other since they were 15 years old). Everything changed last February, when the photos of the Captain came out in the stadium, with Noemí sitting a few rows away: “Ilary asked Emanuele what the truth was, since his friend was sitting next to Bocchi. But he reassured her: they were there because he was seeing a friend of Noemí’s, who was with him. So when we confirmed that it was Totti who was dating Noemí instead,lary realized that her friend cheated on her toohe reveals Who. «These days the presenter is rewinding the tape of her story with Totti and, perhaps, also due to the disappointments suffered, she is rereading some episodes from the past in a new key. Was everyone who said her husband had other stories lying? And even the scoop branded as fake and in bad taste, that of a flirtation between Totti and Flavia Vento while Ilary was pregnant and about to get married, andWas it really an invention of Fabrizio Corona to sell an interview?“.

TOTTI AND THE OTHER ATTEMPTS – Then there is another cryptic passage in the article from Whorelating Francesco Totti. The weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini writes first of all that for Blasi it is time to take stock “also because Totti, until the last moment, until a few days before the separation announcement, pretended that nothing had happened, he shared a house and life with Blasi and behaved like a perfect husband“. Then, he adds another detail that weighs like a boulder, wondering if Noemi Bocchi will be able to sleep peacefully since “whoever has been able to look at Totti’s social networks reports that the exchanges of messages between him and the other temptresses have never stopped“. Not a minor detail, considering what Chi always revealed a few weeks ago, or that at some point the former Roma captain would have taken control of social networks from Melory Blasi, Ilary’s sister, taking over about it personally.

NOEMI BOCCHI SEEN FROM A FORMER GF VIP COMPETITOR – Then another character unexpectedly enters the soap opera, Thomas Eletti, protagonist of island of temptation He was born in vip big brotherwho in an interview with more tv reveals not only that he knows the most talked about woman of the summer very well but also that he has been in love with her. “I had lost my head for Naomi, I tried it with her but she never wound me up. “My marriage is over, now my priority is the children,” he told me, “explains Eletti, who pulled out a nice two of spades from Bocchi. He then adds a few more details about the woman, whom he describes as “very cultured and studious, I think she wants to do a master’s degree.” As for the story with Totti, he says that she doesn’t know anything and says: “Naomi is not a man-eater, I don’t think so. As I know her, she must have given a lot of thought to her choice to stay with Totti.”

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